NFL Football Sunday Random Thoughts

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Well, the Vikings-Lions game did not go very well today, though I’m glad my neighbor who appears to be an alien enjoyed the Bears-Packer’s game judging by the flags and banners and fireworks and stuff flying out of his townhouse.

Which is more likely: That the Detroit Lions would beat the Minnesota Vikings, or that all the O2 molecules in a conference room would all go to one corner so that everyone suffocates? Today we found out. With the Vikings maintaining their losing streak and the Twins falling out of contention for any kind of playoff or whatever they do in Baseball, we have an interesting result: Apparently, it does not matter if you have the worst stadium in the world (the Viking’s stadium) or the coolest bestest newest stadium in the world (The Twin’s new stadium). You can still totally suck either way. Personally, I’m fine with all of our local teams being the worst in the country. Except of course, they are not. The Minnesota Lynx are apparently kicking butt and are doing really well. After all, as a blogger, Lynx are very important to me.

Somebody just told me about Lizard Lick Towing. I did not believe them. But it’s real. It’s a bunch of guys named bubba towing things during a reality show. Here, look:

No point in looking for an explanation for that. Kinda like Repo Man done by the Tea Party.


Anyway, back to football: As a fair weather fan, it appears I’m free for Sundays for the rest of the season if anybody wants to do anything. Let me know.

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5 thoughts on “NFL Football Sunday Random Thoughts

  1. My Browns won, so all is right in the world.

    I hear there were other games going on, but mostly I treat these as rumors.

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