Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

New Crime Busting Technology

Check this out. This is an animation made by the same company that made the famous Tiger Woods animation (you know the one). In this case the purpose of the animation was to reconstruct an unusual crime scene so people could see it on the news, relate better to it, and report anything they may have seen in the area that was suspicious.

This may not be work safe, depending on where you work:

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Attenborough’s Flying Monsters 3D Is Going To Be Good

How does David Attenborough crawl through a marshy Cycad forest toward an exposed rocky ledge overlooking a vast plain of grazing dinosaurs, drawing ever closer to a nesting colony of Quetzalcoatlus Pterodactlyoids (known in the business as “Flying Giraffes”) camera crew in tow, nearly out of breath, turning to the camera and speaking of how his adrenalin is surging as he can feel the breeze caused by wingbeats of one of the larger males taking off down an historically ancient Pterosaur runway, and noting a few interesting facts about their physical adaptations to flight and their behavior … when pterosaurs went extinct sixty-five million years ago?

By making 3D models of the beasts, then making a 3D model of himself, and then putting together a convincing script? Quite possibly. But there is more to it than that, as it turns out.
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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Don’t Matter No More

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell may well have been a good idea at the time. It was a step beyond “Find Out, Beat Up, Throw Out.” Thank you Bill Clinton for that improvement.

A lot of people don’t realize that DADT was not a Clinton Administration Policy but rather, eventually, a law passed by Congress. As long as a person I like is in the Oval Office, I might be happy with the arrangement that if the President does not like a law, he or she just eliminates it unilaterally. But, actually, that can’t happen without certain other things happening. Also, laws usually get implemented somehow through policy or regulation, which itself is complex.

To me, a litmus test of how well someone understood the democratic process in the US was whether or not they were screaming at Obama to eliminate DADT, the law, unilateralism. I mean, seriously, think about this. A black guy out jogging. Impeachable offense. Teabaggers in power. Connect the dots, people.

But all this is moot today. Don’t Ask Don’t Tall don’t matter no more.