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Palin fails to impress world

Sarah Palin gave her first speech outside the US, to the CLSA Investors Forum, in Tokyo, on Reqaganomics, China and Human Rights, Tibet, and the economices of the United States and Asia. She apparently also covered Alaskan Moose. The speech was 90 minutes long. Several people left early, there was apparently some kind of non-disclosure agreement because the press could not get most people to issue any kind of opinion, and those who did opine were generally non-committal with some mildly positive, some mildly negative. Opinions gleaned from the CNN story:

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Why do Palin and Bachmann have the same regional accent?

Well, there are different theories on this, and one is that there is a regional accent that runs from the great Lakes across central and western Canada and the norther Tier of the US. That’s my theory, and I think it is correct. Furthermore, I think this accent is the product of Native American and Euro-Immigrant interaction int he 19th century through the depression.

But that theory, as with many of my theories, gets the White Folks mad because it attributes a feature they hold dear to subaltren little brown people and they tend to find that annoying.

Now we have a new theory that is not in conflict with mine but is more detailed.:

“…The reason Bachmann and Palin share a regional accent: A government-relief program in the 1930s populated Palin’s home region in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley with Minnesotans…”

I like this theory because it is annoying, like my theory, but for different reasons. Teabag-dunking-luving Bachmann and Palin share a trait that comes from their similar backgrounds as the products of government assistance programs. Or at least linked through such a program.

So, what I’d like to know now, to balance the Palin-Bachmann level of government support they can attribute their very existence to, is what portion of Bachmann’s income has been from the government over her lifetime. Now she works for the government. Before being in Congress she …. oh, she worked for the government. But before that job? Oh, she worked for the government. But what about when she was a stay at home mom back in the day? Well, actually, fostering several dozen children as she did, she was essentially working for the welfare department, wasn’t she?

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Strong Ideas and Exclusionary Thinking: Obama, Palin and Greek Food in Minneapolis

Christos Greek Restaurant is one of three well-known Greek restaurants in Minneapolis. The other two are It’s Greek to Me and Gardens of Salonica. Which one you like may be a matter of cultural survival.

It turns out that Greek restaurants in Minneapolis are to the citizens of this area what operating systems and political candidates are to computer users and activists. You’ve got one you love, and the rest suck. Although I’ve lived here long enough to be mistaken at times for a native, this particular form of Greek love/hate is not one I’ve assimilated. I’ve been to all three of these restaurants a number of times, and in my view, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Mostly strengths, actually. Even my friend Lizzie, who normally has a solidly rational view of the world, has a somewhat all or nothing view of the Greek Cuisine in the city. (The fact that she served at one of these restaurants for about a year may be a factor in this case. I’m not sure.)

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