4 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann, Anti-Vaxers, Close Ranks

  1. I’m glad to see NBC take a stand against the crazy, but they didn’t go far enough. This was a perfect opportunity for a major mainstream news organization to publicly take a reality-based position on the anti-vaccination problem.

    Not at all surprised that Bachmann would be involved, or that she would be more impressed by what some stranger told her than by what the entire medical establishment has to say about it.

  2. Why is anyone surprised that Bachmann is sprouting utter rubbish, with zero evidence?

    This is what she does, all the time. She does understand that in order to get anywhere in today’s Republican Party, you have to pander to the fear, ignorance and moral bankruptcy which have become design features of that institution.

    As for the fact that Gardasil save lives, that is not relevant to the fundy fear that some young person somewhere might have some sexual pleasure without dying from cervical cancer. This, to them, is intolerable.

  3. a mother told her, so it must be true
    would she go to the pta when she needs a kidney transplant or the mom’s union for removing PCOs?

    fully-fledged dumb-assery of this magnitude is a rare thing to behold… at least until the next GOP circus parade
    send in the clowns!

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