5 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Speaks The Truth

  1. Ted, his links are not allowed here. In fact, his daily comments, and/or comments on each and every post are not allowed here. I allow one (stripped of links) now and then so the cops know who to look at when they find my body riddled with bullets in some swamp in Nunavut.

  2. And the seemingly unstoppable rise of this fact-challenged ignoramous says what about the state of the USA?

    I do not know, which is why I am asking. Like a lot of folk who live in the outer darkness, I am alarmed, baffled and sometimes deeply amused by the fact that Bachmann is considered to be a serious possible candidate for the Republican nomination.

    Try this link for an outside view:http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/laugh-is-on-us-as-frothing-firebrand-eyes-presidency-2808212.html

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