Michele Bachmann promises to be a clown and kill teenagers

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… And she still doesn’t know where anything is …

Michele Bachmann promised, in an interview associated with her announcement to run for President of the United States (POTUS) and Effective Leader of the Free World (ELFW), that she would become a professional clown and murder dozens of teenage boys and young men.

Or, perhaps, she is just confused …

Michele Bachmann is from Iowa, though she had many of us here in Minnesota convinced that she was from here. Well, given that the Iowa Caucus and Straw Polls are early events in the presidential primary process here in the US, she’ll probably be from Iowa for a while, then later, if she needs to be, she’ll be from Minnesota. Whatever.

Anyway, my friend Miles points out to me (we’ve been discussion on Facebook who is crazier, Michele or Sarah) that she may have said something really silly, maybe downright stupid and quite possibly embarrassing (to others, not so herself … she can’t embarrass herself) in an interview earlier today.

Bachmann claims to have grown up in Waterloo, Iowa (though there is not birth certificate to prove this as far as I know) which is also famous for being where John Wayne Gacy, clown and serial killer, had his start. And, in an interview Michele said “Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.”

Don’t believe me? I’ve got proof. Look:

Anyway, the other John Wayne, the actor, is indeed from Iowa, but from a part of Iowa that is rather far from Waterloo. Everyone knows he’s from Winterset. Like this, see?


Oh, and because I know you are wondering about this:


Concord to concord is about 67 miles, or an hour and 21 minutes. Waterloo to Winterset is about 63 miles, and is nearly 3 hours. Michele’s aim is deteriorating.

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17 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann promises to be a clown and kill teenagers

  1. You’d think that after the “shot heard round the world” episode she’d learn to read a few words after she thought she had what she needed from whatever Wikipedia page she was researching. Apparently not.

  2. I think that this is one of her more minor gaffes. When I got the headline from my Slate e-mail I couldn’t wait to get to a laptop and read the whole story. I was expecting her to directly refer to John Wayne Gacy as a hero, but found it was just some weird of trivial birthplace thing that only the most nerdy newsgeek would have known. Compared to her statement that “carbon dioxide is not a poison as a proof that global warming is not man-made, this one should p”robably blow by as a non-event. When compared to her “armed and dangerous” remark on cap-and-trade, this is nothing. When compared to her re-education camps claim about Obama, who thinks this is even newsworthy?

    She is going to make far stupider statements over the next year on the campaign trail, and when we point them out her supporters will take it as proof that Liberals are Scared to Death of Her.

  3. Greg, John Wayne Gacy only killed gay teenagers and young men (as far as we know), so to Michelle Bachmann and her supporters he was doing God’s work as commanded in the Bible. That is what she is promising to do, kill people that God tells her to kill, either in the Bible or by speaking to her directly.

  4. Mike @4 said

    I was expecting her to directly refer to John Wayne Gacy as a hero, but found it was just some weird of trivial birthplace thing that only the most nerdy newsgeek would have known.

    This would be a minor gaffe, but for the fact that M.B. has touted the fact that she’s from Waterloo, IA. If she’s from the town of (currently) ~68,000, shouldn’t she know that the movie start John Wayne wasn’t from that town, but from a near-by town?

    Of course, considering how she’s mangled her own family’s history about where it’s from, this may not be such a surprise. However, when it comes to not knowing the small facts that you are trumpeting, one has to wonder about why you are trumpeting them in the first place AS WELL as whether you can grasp the larger facts.

  5. Michele Bachmann can’t keep her story straight about where in the US she was born. Makes you wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor that she wasn’t born in the United States. She should produce a birth certificate.

  6. Michele Bachmann can’t keep her story straight about where in the US she was born.

    Maybe her mom was Sarah Palin’s role model.

  7. No one will ever know the sexuality of many of JWG’s victims. Many were teen-age boys who had never come out to their families. I’m In some cases I’m sure the families did not know and in some cases the families were in denial. I lived in Chicago when the Gacy case came to light. Some of the parents went ballistic when asked if their boy was gay. To them their being gay would have been the worst thing in the world

  8. Calling any US president the “leader of the free world” is an insult to those who are both not American and who believe in freedom, especially considering the US’s history of installing, supporting and arming oppressive regimes (e.g. the Shah, Saddam Hussein, the mujahadeen which became the taliban, Suharto, Pinochet, Zia Al Haq, Somoza, Marcos, Batista, Franco, Syngman Rhee, South Africa’s Apartheid, Israel, etc.).

    To paraphrase a saying (often wrongly attributed to Franklin Roosevelt), they are all sons of bitches, and they are the US’s sons of bitches, not other countries’.


  9. I will never forget that it was you that tried doxxing me many years ago.

    And you can bet I worked hard so that you f@kers couldn’t elect your queen HRC. It is people like you that destroyed the best elements of the Democratic party, and I hope Trump will do to you and yours what you did to me and mine. In fact, I will see to it that he does.

    Go ahead- could one of you neocon-Dem shitbags say ‘vagina’ again? We didn’t hear it enough the last 30 years. Or my favorite “asking someone for coffee is rape.”

    Suuure. And that one about white men and so on. Payback is the altRight, and you shitbags elected it with your bullsheit, conflation and lies. With your cunty VAWA profiteers, and Diannne Feinstein’s and Pelosi’s building prisons, profiteering the domestic violence and rape narrative- and your Israelified police….sure, it’s ok to abuse surveilllance-while being wed to the arms industry- as long as it doesn’t target Us!

    Enjoy the targeted interest that you fascists and your bolsheviks will get for the next 8 years- indeed, what goes around comes back to haunt you. You and yours tried to destroy the Constitution, so enjoy our hard work against so-called women’s rights! Your kind of bitches talk out of two mouths, and everything they say stinks.

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