Will there be wieners in Sarah Palin’s gubermail?

It is very likely that Sarah Palin’s political career will end in a few hours from now.

Sarah Palin’s Gubermail, the email that was sent or received from her office during her aborted term as Governor of Alaska, will be release to the public any minute now. Some news agencies such as the Washington Post have set up web sites to have readers sift through the trove of trouble and find what they may.

Even a smart and effective, but otherwise boring and well behaved politician will have Wieners of some sort in his or her email. Sarah is a dumbass with questionable family relationships. Actually, I feel sorry for her.

Well, not really. In fact, not even a little. Palin is part of the coalition of politicians who insist that while they and their should be afforded all possible liberties no one else should. Anti-choice, for instance, is a clear invasion of privacy. Reading official emails, not so much. Except when it is. And we shall see soon enough.

Stay tuned.

Anyway, if there is even a fraction of what could be there, this will be the termination of Sarah Palin’s presidential bid. Maybe next time around.


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14 thoughts on “Will there be wieners in Sarah Palin’s gubermail?

  1. 1. It’s been redacted of ostensibly private, non-official correspondence by the state.

    2. Palin’s lawyers were allowed to go over the redacted version looking for anything additional that could be redacted for privacy reasons, and apparently failed to find anything, which means that the Alaskan government has been aggressive in their redaction efforts.

    I don’t expect much more to come out of this than was already known from Todd Palin’s e-mails. The fact that he was taking an active role in government hasn’t hurt Palin’s reputation at all (it’s already extremely low …)

  2. There are those that saw her interview with Katie Couric and thought she came across as smart and witty. There’s no end to how delusional folks can be.

  3. A smoking gun would be nice but I do not expect it because of the pre-vetting and/or deletions. Too bad we won’t get the unexpurgated version. Also too bad we couldn’t get John McCain’s VP Vetting Group or Sarah herself to vet them… we’d be in for a collective treat, also. In this Great Country Of Ours, the Real America.

  4. Nah, her career is not over. Even if something grossly illegal/immoral comes out, her supporters will say something like “it was planted.” She has a cult following and although (I hope) she’s unelectable, she has the media power to crap all over the political landscape of our country.

  5. From the first page of emails, bullets for a discussion with the press were redacted as “privileged or personal material”. Unlikely anything interesting is left after the state and palin lawyers got finished with thier black pens.

    Governor Palin,
    Here are some bullets that might be useful in your discussion with the press following your first
    day of meetings with the corporations & organizations with an interest in the gas pipeline
    Privileged or Personal Material Redacted
    Pat Galvin, Kurtis Gibson and I collaborated on these comments. I hope these are useful.

  6. Nah, her career is not over. Even if something grossly illegal/immoral comes out, her supporters will say something like “it was planted.”

    Time for Sarah Palin excuse bingo? Or has that already been done?


  7. Even if she emailed naked pictures of herself, Rep. Weiner isn’t resigning and his political career hasn’t ended. So, why should hers?

  8. comments via #9.. leave me in despair
    These people can type (sort of) and thus read and listen, yet they still drive on to a catastrophe.
    I fear our children will cower under theocracy instead of flowering in reality.

    We all must rail on against the forces of belief.
    Belief is evil … If you â??believeâ? something, it means you have ceased thinking about it, you have just filed it away as â??fixedâ?.
    Science is not â??Fixedâ? / by definition it cannot be “fixed” thus is able to wind its way towards truth (as an asymptote).

  9. Palin had reputation amongst Alaskans for rampant and rabid racism, as bad about social issues as she is about religion.

    She was infamous for calling the native Alaskans “arctic arabs”. And her comments about Obama speak for themselves. (Yes, the source of the claim was never verified, but given how Palin behaves and talks, it’s credible.)



    Palin was part of Ted Steven’s and the republicans’ rampant corruption in Alaska, like “the bridge to nowhere” and other pork. If you thought George Bu**sh** was an uneducated rube and a stooge puppet, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


  10. If it turns out that she was sending strangers photographs of her genitalia, what would that prove? That she is dumb? This is already common knowledge, and it is not a disqualification from holding public office (unfortunately).

  11. What’s with the redaction?

    Weren’t some Republicans all over the emails of college professors and others to make sure they weren’t using university email services for personal communications? They want it both ways â?¦ and get it.

  12. Timberwolf, I was thinking the same thing. No one seems to notice that the Alaskan State House and the Alaskan Republican Party seem to share an email address. That is actually worse than personal use of email which in my view is no biggie …. you can use your work phone to call home to check on the kiddies now and then, after all. But conducting the business of your personal poetical career using electrons paid for by the all suffering tax payers (mostly not in Alaskan because Alaska is a welfare state) is a bit of a problem. I want my money back.

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