Paul (the movie)

See Paul. I won’t tell you why, but I will tell you this: Drive out of your way if you need to in order to see the film at a theater that will be filled mainly with very Christian Christians. Then, as you watch the movie, pay attention to the audience.

You’ll love the movie, and you’ll love the audience … reaction. Trust me on this.

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7 thoughts on “Paul (the movie)

  1. My wife and I saw Paul on Friday. We both thought it was pretty good. I loved all the classic SciFi movie references. Regarding what you’re referring to though, I thought they went a little overboard on that. Kind of hitting the audience in the face with a shovel with it. Of course since I was watching it in Madison WI, no one in the audience was too upset over it.

  2. Lisa: Coon Rapis AMC, the one across from the Christ Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church. Corner of 10 and Foley, by the strip mall with the hobby shop and the pizza place, just southeast of Hom.

  3. Yes, it was like hitting them over the head with a shovel, but had the movie not been so blatant, the message would have been missed.

    I mean … arguing that there is only one plant with life, five thousand years old, and then the alien walks out of the … oh, never mind, just go see it!

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