Remembering Red River Flooding

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This is the time of year the Red River floods (or not). This is an item that appeared on Quiche Moraine last year during flood season:

A Simple Assignment
Red River Flood

Mike Haubrich

This was a simple assignment, really. Drive to Lakeville, examine a car for flood damage and send an estimate to the insurance company. It was a car that had been transported from East Grand Forks, Minnesota to Lakeville. It was owned by a married couple with two kids, people evacuated when the Red River crested nearly five feet higher than estimated and swamped the entire city of East Grand Forks. People who were refugees of the 1997 flood.

I watched the flood news on TV. The Red River of the North wrested control from human attempts to subdue it. It called out “This is MY valley, and I will have my way with it this year.” I had not seen such a flood in all of the time I live in the Red River Valley. The flood of 1979 was close.

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Red River Flooding

  1. I remember a flood in my country it’s like the country was sinking in the water, I’d be worried if i was alive back then No clue how my mother made it through

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