There is an open seat in the White House press room. Who gets it?

Bloomberg? NPR? Or FOX?

You KNOW the white house wants to give it to NPR. But they will look so Librul and stuff if they do that, and they are still living in the Squeemish 90s when it comes to that sort of thing (they need to watch this).

So give them the backup they need: Click here and sign the peition!

“FOX News is a right-wing propaganda operation, not a legitimate news organization. Award the seat vacated by Helen Thomas to NPR, which has provided public interest coverage of the presidency and the White House for almost four decades.”

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7 thoughts on “There is an open seat in the White House press room. Who gets it?

  1. After all the crap they say against him, I really doubt that Obama would be willing to give that seat to fox. He’s all about “reaching across the aisle,” but I think he hates foxnews too much to give them anything.

  2. Oh, please! Not another “you will receive periodic updates” address harvester.

    I really don’t mind signing petitions. I give sizable chunks of cash to worthy causes every year (e.g. Doctors w/o Borders) — but once you’re on one of these e-mail lists death itself won’t save you from the barrage of “updates.” All the checkboxes for “no more!” and all of the unsubscribes in the world won’t kill them, and there are only so many throwaway addresses I’m willing to create just to avoid being bugged.

    So, on the totally unlikely chance that anyone actually pays attention: you want my support, don’t spam me. For freaking sure don’t give me a “you’ll receive updates” warning without a “check here to receive updates” option (note: NOT opt-out.) And if you want to be taken seriously, swear on your very last soapbox not to send mail or “share” addresses without explicit permission.

  3. LOTS of dummy addresses. One of the benefits of having your own domain (have a look at the registration for the address I use when commenting.) Doesn’t make them less of a PITA.

    I can, grudgingly, accept the need to do that when I’m buying stuff. People who are asking me for charity, political support, etc. are even less well-advised to antagonize me than merchants.

  4. Well, I see the marxist are up to no good again. You just simply will not be satisfied until you CONTROL all media outlets and information will you. Let’s see, left wing fascist marxists already control PBS, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, Bloomberg, and a huge portion or all print media.

    Now, where is your “diversity”? I simply do not trust the drugged up hippy commies at the other stations. Might as well let Van Jones report the news. I’m almost sure some of the “reporters” know him personally – the evil communist babykiller racist freak.

    I have noticed of late that there are alot of 1960s babykilling freakshow commies running Washington. There has to be some way to get these people out of power and possibly out of the United States. I mean, look at the fascist marxist babykiller terrorist racist freakshow of a nutcase Satan follower that Bill Ayers is and that fruitcase fascist is still in power. Somebody should have wacked his ass in the 60s when they had a legitimate reason. As a matter of fact the feds back then could have targeted Weather Underground as a national security risk and used the CIA and Military black ops to wipe them out one by one until they no lobger posed a threat. You know, kind of how Obama is doing tea party member now. Oh,. that’s right Obama has ties to terrorist organizations and terrorists. Let count his ties to radical assholeism

    1) Bill Ayers – marxist asshole terrorist of the century and the luckiest man in the world to be alive after the acts of treason his sorry worthless carcass committed.

    2) Cass Sunstein – the most dangerous vegetarian fascist on the planet. A real terrorist more deadly than the taliban.

    3) Van Jones – an uncivilized racist loudmouth punk and commie pig babykiller who likes to be heard and seen. He craves attention and would kill millions to get what he wants. His mouth is bigger than Barney Franks asshole after a wild weekend of sodomy.

    4) george Soros – The second most dangerous man on earth. We should steal his money and burn it so he doesn’t get to run the world. Not to mention his face is a disgrace to humanity. he is proof that evolution is true. His face look like the missing link between a monkey’s hairy asshole and and a gay man’s ballsack. I bet he’s probably been involved with both. It would explain his vile hatred of America and his fascist views on population control (aka babykilling murderer).

    There are more like maurice Strong, etc who just shouold not be allowed to mingle with public. They should be in prison under constant scrutiny for their acts of treason. If I were in charge they certainly would be investigated by the CIA, NSA, FBI, and every organization I could get involved. Oh well, while they burn in hell, at least I’ll be watching their misery.

    The 1960s sucked. If I had a time machine I would go back and wack Karl marx, Chalres Darwin, and a host of others and also prevent us from being involved in Vietnam so commie college professors would not have a reason to brainwash youth and turn them into babykilling sodomite loving fascist dictator crazed marxists.

  5. Yes I agree with Greg. i use a dummy address here all the time. Thanks for the advice Greg. How is the olf poll fornicator over at the fake science website Pharyngula doing these days? Man, he has been on a bing with fornicating polls this week. I can barely keep up trying to correct them all and warn of poll fornication to the masses. This guy need therapy.

  6. Great parody there of teabag stupidity Mighty Tolerant @5. It could use more random capitalization and shorter words but you have the brain dead and breathless tone just about right.


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