Tim LaHaye: Obama will cause the End of Days

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8 thoughts on “Tim LaHaye: Obama will cause the End of Days

  1. To be fair, he is right that the end of days is near. It’s 2010 now and it will be 2012 in a couple years. 😛

  2. Given that 2012 is an election year, and the election is to take place a month before the end of the world, does that mean they are predicting Obama’s re-election or loss?

  3. Hah. That reminds me of a conversation I had with an old friend. “But at least Mike Huckabee is a decent honest man.” Me: “No, he’s a fucking lying moron.”

  4. Tim LeHaye is not a true Christian. He is a Catholic of the Roman Catholic church sent out to confuse Christianity. All his books contain errors. He is also in Cohoots with PTL/Trinity Broadcasting Network (headquarters to false teacher and preachers/ wolves in sheeps clothing). Are the error in all his books deliberate or just unintentional writings. I lean on deliberate.

  5. Obama fits all the criteria of the awaited Antichrist. He is A Black Mason and bridges the gap between black and white Mason’s. His biological mom had royal Euro blood plus had ties with the (white) Masonic lodges. And so as to not leave you all in the dark about who will win the next presidential election…it is already written that Obama will win a second term, he is prophecied to be the last president. He is the 44th president, 44 represents the “last” in numerology.

  6. Well, here we are mid May 2015 and the world is still here… no end times… Obama hasn’t killed off millions of people, hasn’t demanded the world worship him and, in fact, did something the antichrist can’t do Obama declared Jesus to be Lord and Christ. There is no temple, there are no animal sacrifices in the temple, there is no land where there have been 7 kings… all we have is a bunch of uninformed psychos being preyed upon by false prophets.

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