4 thoughts on “Whale Evolution (including major new discovery in Peru)

  1. Fascinating.

    More concrete evidence for the Creationists to attempt to rationalize away. I cheer myself up by thinking these new discoveries may be the impetus for perhaps a few young Creationists to dare to reconsider the truth of the world around them.

  2. Many life forms have come and gone, just like those becoming extinct everyday now. There is no proof here of evolution, in fact evolution is still called the theory of evolution because it cannot be proven scientifically. Check the subject. On the other hand, Creationism ignores scientific fact.

    That being said, falling somewhere in between those two theories, my wife and I leave that question aside and enjoy watching the humpback whales alive and well off the beach here in Los Organos, Peru.

    Keep on keepin’ on, love the reports!

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