“A Change Is Coming” LeRoy Bell

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A Change Is Coming, by Leroy Bell, who happens to be my nephew. Pretty good, huh!?

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7 thoughts on ““A Change Is Coming” LeRoy Bell

  1. Okay, so I just looked up LeRoy Bell on YouTube and he’s not “new.” But he’s new to me. And he’s very good. Thanks.

  2. He’s not new. He’s been around for a while. He’s written a lot of music (including, likely, stuff you’ve heard) and he has a few CD’s. He and/or his band(s) tend to get jobs traveling with well known talent.

  3. I listened to his other videos on YouTube and I found I really enjoyed LeRoy Bell. Seattle is a regional hot bed for great music.

    LeRoy Bell is a star doing regional journeyman work. I hope he ‘breaks out’ so more can enjoy his work.

    My grandson is part of LITTLE THIEF, an up & coming band in the London (UK) area.


    So much talent everywhere, yet promoters focus on little girls, whose voices need auto-tune to be palatable, but can shake their firm booties to titillate the masses. Its’ not hard to determine why in a free market.

  4. Not too shabby. My grandson plays a mean set of drums when he is not computer engineering. He would probably complain that the drummer wasn’t given enough highlights!

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