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Distribution of Water on the Earth

This has come up a couple of times recently, so I thought I’d summarize the information here.

The distribution of water on Earth in cubic kilometers

Salt water: 1,318,062,462
Glaciers: 28,005,430
Groundwater: 12,270,210
Lakes: 106,396
Swamps: 13,452
Rivers: 2,446
Vapor: 13,000
Biological: 1,120

(Biological means like your spit and guts and all the juicy parts of worms and tree saps and water in bacteria and stuff.)


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Potawatomi Activism in Wisconsin: Fighting Global Warming

The Forest County Potawatomi Community have been very involved in environmental activism both within their own community and more broadly. They helped curtail environmentally destructive mining at Crandon Mine. They got their reservation registered as a Class I zone under the Clean Air Act and have pressured the Bush EPA to stand by Class I rules. The tribe funds research in metal and other pollutants. And, they now have a web site called “End global warming Wisconsin” which you can visit here.

Creationist Novel linked to Expelled! to be released shortly

The ‘documentary’ (or, actually, “stupidumentary”) Expelled! No intelligence allowed … bla bla bla … coordinated with this release will be a novel called Fossil Hunter, by John Olson (obviously a made up name) … bla bla bla … which is about a scientist who is maligned and harassed by the rest of the scientific community because she questions evolutionary dogma.

Never mind that. This is a link to a recently released review of a book from last year. You can go comment on the review, if you like!

Here, you read about it, I’m going to take a nap:

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Michele Bachmann Challenger Drops Out

Elwyn Tinklenerg has withdrawn his bid in the race for Michele Bachmann‘s seat in congress. Tinklenberg had run against Bachmann last time around, and carried out what started as a rather Quixotic race against the then very entrenched Bachmann, but received a great deal of extra funding and support when Bachmann made a name for herself by calling for an investigation for un-American activities of everyone in congress who disagreed with her. But that push, as substantial as it was, came to late in the game, and Bachamann does represent a district consisting primarily of Cave Men and Tray-Lor Trash (I spelt that funny so as they coudn’t make nothin out), and so in a sense, she represents her district rather well.

This blog got really mad at Tinklenberg the other day, and issued an un-endorsement after he made the totally dumb-ass move of stating that if he does not get the DFL endorsement he would stay in the race anyway. This is a totally dumb-ass thing the Minnesota “Democratic Party” (the DFL) does. They have nine or ten things that are like primaries or caucuses in row, leading up to a moment in which they endorse a candidate, then they have two or three more primaries, then whoever wants to can pretend to be the Democratic candidate and run in the official election. Or something like that. The result is that for important races you often get two Democrats running against each other, so the Republican or Indy candidate wins almost any time.

This is said to be the greatest election system ever invented by the Republican Party, and is the main reason there are ever any Republicans from this state at all. (Most of our governors have been Republican, for instance.)

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Clinton En Route to Korea (Updated)

We expect a press conference from the State Department any moment now, so you may want to tune in your radios if you are following this story.

Bill Clinton is reported to be in the air, or something close to in the air, on his way to North Korea to negotiate the release of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling. Moments ago it was reported that …
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