Hail to the Anti-Christ

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In Aramaic Lightning = Baraq, Heaven = Ouranos = “hight place” = Birds and Air = Satan and Hell = Ouranos = the place Baraq comes from = Isaiah 14:14 = Satan says “Like, I’m going to get most high” = Hebrew word 1116 on the word list = Bama. Oh. Oh bama! Baraq Obamah!

It is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!

This fact is indisputable.

Hat tip Isis.

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0 thoughts on “Hail to the Anti-Christ

  1. This is complete and utter bollox. There’s no frickin’ way Obama is the anti-christ. If he were the anti-christ he wouldn’t have had to forge his birth certificate now would he? Come on people, get a grip.

  2. I had started watching this yesterday. Jodi turned her attention to my screen and said, “what the hell? Is this thing serious?? I can’t even tell!” I said, “yes, it is.” Then I turned it off.

    The Anti-Christ is whoever is in office at the time. (Or in some cases, the Pope.)

  3. Greg the last time I was at the gun show here I picked up a monograph that put together the phone company (Lucent = Lucifer, get it?), black helicopters, cattle mutilations, the new world order, the antichrist, and Gog and Magog.

    Sound like you are ready for it. You want me to loan it to you?


  4. I second Jared and affirm the translation corrections in the link, whether it’s even worth trying to correct such things, well, I don’t know…

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