Maddow’s report on the Republican Hooligans

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As I’ve suggested before, I think this breed of activists are born of the anti-choice movement, recast to support McCain, and now they are here helping us with the health care debate. I suspect they are not going away. This is good business for the bus industry, I suppose.

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5 thoughts on “Maddow’s report on the Republican Hooligans

  1. I think this breed of activists are born of a guttural fear of the change, cultivated to be Teabaggers, and now they are being supported and directed by lobbying firms to intimidate, harass and shout down any attempt at healthcare reform.

  2. All these activists lack is a brown shirt. That’s how it started in the 30’s. Chilling for someone in Europe to see.

  3. The sad thing is that most of the “protesters” I saw appeared to be the same people who would benefit from the reform of the health care system. They must be idiots.

  4. I wonder if these “volunteers” get medical insurance while they are working for the insurance lobby. Wouldn’t it be painfully ironic if they weren’t?

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