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Microsoft is Doomed, Linux is the Future

According to a recent survey, most companies will not deploy Windows 7. They just think it is going to suck and they are not going to have anything to do with it. YouTube will not be supporting IE6 any longer. Once again, an unpatched Microsoft Expected Feature, er, I mean Bug, is causing major problems. And, already, the Post Office is switching 1,300 of its servers to Linux.

It is only a matter of time…

A True Ghost Story Part 3: Who is that kilted man with the big gun?

… continued …

Well, we were living with this ghost who would walk up and down the hall in the middle of the night, invisibly leaving behind only the sound of its footsteps. But before I tell you how this all came out, I want to tell you a related side story.

As I had mentioned, I had the “hallway extension” room. Let me explain.
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The Poison in the Leaf: Macro Evolutionary Patterns in Plant-Herbivore Co-Evolution

ResearchBlogging.orgPlants and their herbivores have an interesting and complex relationship. It has been true for quite some time (many tens of millions of years) that terrestrial plants do not move around while animal herbivores do (though I’ve got friends from Texas who claim that there is a Texan tree that will move from one side of your yard to the other if it is pleased to do so). Generally speaking, a plant can not avoid being consumed by the herbivores by running away. So, it must have a defensive strategy or two that work in situ, and most likely these strategies evolved in relation to the also-evolving strategies of the mobile herbivores. The complex interconnected dynamics of herbivore-plant co-evolution provides much of the fabric for the ecology of any given terrestrial biome.
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Michele Bachmann Out-Foxed?

Hmmmm. If you listen to the Fox people … the details … they actually do a pretty good job of making Michele Bachmann look foolish. But they are very excited to have her on the show.

Here are the FOX digs that I noticed:

  • Isn’t your claim about “Obama counties” getting more money bogus? (Answer …. evade! evade! evade!)
  • Only 10% of stimulus “3.0” is out on the street so how do you really know how it will work? Now tell us how it won’t work.
  • Snarking out on “faith based.”
  • Tell us how it really works with Acorn… (answer: Well, not really an issue there if you look like facts but I’ll keep lying about it anyway)
  • Your idea of auditing the Fed will ruin everything. (Answer: Whoa… hard to characterize how dumb that was.)

Did I miss anything?

(Hat tip DMB)

He Should Have Been Wearing a Helmet

I ran over and made myself look big so that cars coming down the street would notice us and not run us over. He was now on his side convulsing heavily and continuously. His convulsing was causing his head and neck to whip around, so I got down and held his body in place so he would damage himself less. Two people who had walked out of a local store and did not see the accident came over and yelled at me.

“Leave him alone!” one of them screamed at me.

“He’s an epileptic! He’s just having an epileptic fit! Don’t treat him like he was sick or something.”

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NASA Really Did Find Lost Tapes That Don’t Exist …

… Maybe …. Sorta….

We’ve been burned by this one before. As you will recall, the claim was made that the visuals we all saw of the first steps on the moon by humans were a black and white compressed image sent from Australia, shown on a TV at Mission Control (or someplace) and then shot with an old fashioned TV camera (they only had the “old fashioned” ones back in those days, of course).

But, we were told, high quality color videos were taken at the same time but then lost right away. Then, we were told, they were found.

Then we were told by other people who seemed to know what they were talking about that these higher quality tapes did not exist, could not have existed, because the camera needed to make them was not sent to the moon on that first trip.

Well, now we have something directly fro NASA:

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