Crazy Christian Preacher: Palin will be president, Obama is evil

And a few words about Michele Bachamann. Oh, and he makes the claim that Dan Quail was brilliant. Brilliant!

Man, this guy sure does know how to babble. At least he admits that he is a moron several times.

More details and analysis here, at DMB.

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0 thoughts on “Crazy Christian Preacher: Palin will be president, Obama is evil

  1. What a dimwitted fuckwad this guy is. He is clueless.

    He needs to kill himself immediatly, so he can go get his fictitious rewards in the delusional afterlife.

  2. The religious delusions have a built-in insulation against that kind of thinking — that suicide is a cardinal sin that will damn your soul. So, yeah. Ain’t going to happen. And anyway, I agree he’s a dimwitted waste of carbon and oxygen and resources, but we shouldn’t be in the business of deciding who gets to live and who gets to die. Rather than trying to “weed” humanity, we should focus on preventing people from becoming so insulated from thought in the first place that they crystallize into this particular form of asshole.

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