0 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8: Puke Less

  1. Bah, Firefox 3.5 – in only three and a half versions they do so much more right than IE 8 ever has.

    It’s simple, just tell Firefox to keep 0 days of history and it’ll do exactly that. No history whatsoever.

  2. Well, i imagine that for Microsoft not keeping your private data was an epic battle, that’s why they are so happy about this feature. And i imagine all the haired pulled by marketing department: “We could’ve done so much with all that data…”

  3. Not a parody; here is that ad plus others in Microsoft’s new IE8 ad campaign. It is really telling when your ad campaign is so inept that people can’t tell it apart from a parody of an ad campaign. There has to be term for that.

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