Internet Explorer 8: Puke Less

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This might be an actual Microsoft ad that was pulled after it upset people. Below the fold because it is …. well, it’s below the fold.

Analysis (or parody) here, HT Lee.

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0 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8: Puke Less

  1. Bah, Firefox 3.5 – in only three and a half versions they do so much more right than IE 8 ever has.

    It’s simple, just tell Firefox to keep 0 days of history and it’ll do exactly that. No history whatsoever.

  2. Well, i imagine that for Microsoft not keeping your private data was an epic battle, that’s why they are so happy about this feature. And i imagine all the haired pulled by marketing department: “We could’ve done so much with all that data…”

  3. Not a parody; here is that ad plus others in Microsoft’s new IE8 ad campaign. It is really telling when your ad campaign is so inept that people can’t tell it apart from a parody of an ad campaign. There has to be term for that.

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