The Best of Twitter

Macroblogging the microblog so you don’t have to.

From BoraZ: Texting Your Catch: New Technology For Recreational Fishing Data

At nearly every fisheries management meeting he attends, Baker hears the same complaint: North Carolina’s recreational fishermen don’t have to account for their catch. Two years ago, during a regional meeting about snapper and grouper, Baker looked down at his hands and finally saw a possible answer: his mobile phone.

“I wondered if you could send a text message to a computer database somewhere instead of just texting from phone to phone,” he says. “And if you could do that, maybe that was something recreational fishermen could do to track their catches and fishing effort.”

And so, of course, they are twittering the fish. Story here.

Fossil Challenge #1 – Marine Carboniferous Invertebrates from the Ozarks

Ever since I was a small child I have been collecting fossils. In fact, I can trace my own fascination with biology directly to my discovery that the very house in which I lived (actually a trailer back then), was set upon land literally made of these long dead and formerly ocean-dwelling ancestors and distant cousins….

What???? The corpses of your cuzins was littered all over the property????? Read the whole story here, then dial 911…

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0 thoughts on “The Best of Twitter

  1. “What???? The corpses of your cuzins was littered all over the property?????”

    I really did LOL at this. Hilarious! And thanks for the link, Greg.

    Well…it was in Arkansas after all. But it’s alright – the corpses were mostly the cousins that had refused to breed with one another. That just ain’t befittin’ the Arkansan tradition! Anecdote: I was also usually barefoot and sporting a rat-tail hair-do. And routinely ate frog legs and squirrel.

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