Minnesota Recount End Is In Sight

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So, my friend Phil was in the Air Force up near Grand forks (where the flooding is happening now). He told me today they use to use a super tall radio tower to spot weather, and this tower was something like 70 miles away. So it was in sight, but almost unbelievably so.

Similarly, there is an end in sight for the Minnesota Senate Recount…

The end has to happen at some point, of course, because these things only seem to go on forever. Here is what is supposed to happen:

1) The state judicial panel that is now in deliberation will make a couple of decisions regarding what to do about certain absentee votes, and depending on what they decide, adjust the count.

2) They will then rule that the contest is invalid (if Franken is still ahead) or that it is valid (if he is not).

3) The loser of this decision can then appeal the decision to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

4) The loser of the Minnesota Supreme Court decision could then appeal this to a higher court, presumably the US Supreme Court, but frankly, that could get messy if there are multiple issues, and one or more issues could be brought to Federal District Court.

That sounds like no end in sight. But wait, there’s more.

CBS News is reporting that a source (somewhere, somehow) is indicating that the following is likely to happen:

1) The state judicial panel will end up awarding about 500 votes to Franken above what he has now, and declare the contest over with Franken winning.

2) Norm Coleman will appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court, which will quickly rule. That will be in Franken’s favor and by April 15th, according to this sourse, Al Franken will be in Washington DC as the Junior Senator from Minnesota.


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0 thoughts on “Minnesota Recount End Is In Sight

  1. …by April 15th, according to this sourse (sic), Al Franken will be in Washington DC as the Junior Senator from Minnesota.

    Then what will we talk about???

  2. Well..obviously well talk about that other insane freakshow from Minnesota whos now calling for an “armed and dangerous” uprising against…sombody.

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