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Rove Issued Subpoena by US House

The next step is that the Sargent of Arms of the House hunts him down and drags him to the United States Capitol. Apparently they have a room in the basement where they would keep him. (This sort of thing has happened before, but it’s been quite a while.)i-2a8094b235613f5488c7b581481a0aa6-Karl_Rove_Under_Arrest.jpgPresident Bush has already indirectly indicated that he will protect Rove with “executive privilege.” Continue reading Rove Issued Subpoena by US House

Racism and Sexism in the Democratic Primaries

I’m starting to become a little unnerved by the situation with the Democratic party. I’d like to lay out a couple of questions and arguments for discussion. I’m hoping very much that certain people will chime in on this. You know who you are (like, when you get my email asking you to chime in).i-4051261ac7ec655656fd125b62b4973a-Clinton_Obama.jpg Continue reading Racism and Sexism in the Democratic Primaries

Happy Birthday Arthur Conan Doyle


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Arthur Conan Doyle will always be remembered for his Sherlock Holmes tales, including four novels and numerous short stories serialized in The Strand and/or published in various collections. However, Doyle was at least as prolific (probably more) in the area of spiritualism, and according to the London Times obituary published at the time of his death on July 7th 1930, he was tired of Holmes and preferred to be remembered for his books on the spooky ghostly stuff. From that obituary:

Sir Arthur claimed to have had conversations with the spirits of many great men, including Cecil Rhodes, Earl Haig, Joseph Conrad and others. Adrian Conan Doyle, the novelist’s son, said today the whole family believed Sir Arthur would continue to keep in touch with them.”I know perfectly well I am going to have conversations with my father,” he said. [source]

Continue reading Happy Birthday Arthur Conan Doyle

Bon Voyage HMS Beagle

It is on this day, May 22nd, 1825 that the HMS Beagle left Plymouth England on its infamous First Voyage. The Beagle was built at the Woolwich Dockyard (launched 11 May 1820) named after the breed of dog. The Beagle was the first ship to sail under the newly constructed London Bridge. However, as there was no great need for this ship in service, she lay moored in storage until this first voyage some five years after being finished.

i-3900cb3664635d2d77398b64c2ec1d2f-The_Beagle.jpgThe Beagle

The first voyage was rather interesting, as you probably know: Continue reading Bon Voyage HMS Beagle