Rove Issued Subpoena by US House

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The next step is that the Sargent of Arms of the House hunts him down and drags him to the United States Capitol. Apparently they have a room in the basement where they would keep him. (This sort of thing has happened before, but it’s been quite a while.)i-2a8094b235613f5488c7b581481a0aa6-Karl_Rove_Under_Arrest.jpgPresident Bush has already indirectly indicated that he will protect Rove with “executive privilege.”

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6 thoughts on “Rove Issued Subpoena by US House

  1. Wouldn’t it be sweet if the House actually lived up to its responsibilities and exercised its rights and powers under the Constitution?

  2. I saw this on the news. The head of the house committee was over heard saying “somebody has to kick Rove’s bleep.” I think they are going to drag him into the little room.

  3. Actually the next step is they refer the subpoena violation to the Attorney General who is charged to prosecute just like they did the last time Rove was subpoena’s over a year ago (and the AG did nothing). After that, they have the option to have the Sergeant at Arms hunt down Rove… which is an option they didn’t choose to follow last time he ignored their subpoena.

  4. Nah. While the Democrats were landslided in to do just that sort of thing, they’ve demonstrated over the last year and a half that they haven’t got the cajones to do it.They’ll make noise and rattle sabres, but they’ll bend over and take it without lube.The Congress doesn’t have a lower approval rating than His Holiness, The Glorified Houseplant Who Would Be Caesar because they’ve done too much or become too aggressive. Their approval ratings are so low because they’ve been too timid. The Democrats are just not getting the message.I’m beginning to wonder if they’re as thick-skulled as the theocrats across the aisle.

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