Race and Racism Redux

I had a plan, to get on board with Sciencwoman, who is putting out a series of posts on Racial Diversity, Race and Racism, with a post on this topic. However, Friday was a tough day, Saturday was a no-blogger (because of something else I was doing that I’ll tell you about later), I don’t remember a thing about Sunday, I had a late meeting Monday, and I’m teaching tonight. So I have not had time to spend the effort this post needed. (Aren’t you glad I don’t usually write blog posts telling you what I had for breakfast and why I blogged more or less on a given day?)But I still want to get on board and help make this a topic of broader interest right now, so I’ve assembled a bunch of related links.To start with, here are Sciencewoman’s posts:Why are my students so white?White privilege and raising a child (Mommy Monday)My ethnic story, part IMy ethnic story, part IIHere is a selection of my posts on the topic:Falsehood: Poor people have more babies…Montoya on Race and DiseaseRacism, Creationism, DarwinismA timely report by Glenn LouryEssence Carson is my heroWhy fire Imus?The Road From Slavery to Reparations…Racist Racing Model StumblesThe Hurricane Lantern EffectJames Watson: Please bend over while I kick your freakin ass.Watson’s Lecture CanceledMy Journey Through RacismEugenics and Superior White Intelligence. Connected?Yet Another Gene for IntelligenceHalloween is a great time to bring out the racism in the racistsTalking about RacismReduced Verbal Ability in African American ChildrenRace is a social construct and a self fulfilling prophecy all wrapped up togetherAs Race Moves to South Race Becomes Main IssueMinnesota al Qaeda Attack Thwarted by Patriot … or maybe not (mostly not about racism per se)Turns out I’m a white guy

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