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Photosynthesis; This is how the British to it (teaching, not photosynthesis).

I’m not sure why he says we don’t know how photosynthesis works.Look at how well behaved the students are. You can tell this is not America, even without noticing that the guy talks funny.The graph on the rate of photosynthesis is idealized. This is not the graph for all plants. This won’t work for your Alaskan Peas, for instance.Notice the maximum value for effect on increased CO2. I wonder what ever happened to the old chap..

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  1. I’m not sure why he says we don’t know how photosynthesis works.Because we actually don’t. For example we still don’t know the actual chemistry in the manganese complex where water oxidaton and oxygen evolution takes place. We don’t even know the exact constitution of the complex.Of course, we have some good understanding what happens, just not enough to give a full step by step description (it takes 4 photons to create one O2) or to rebuild the process exactly as it happens in plants/bacteria.This is not a real school, isn’t it? It’s scary.

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