Schools should put faith in science

Scott Rowed published an Op Ed piece in the Calgary Herald last October that has just come to my attention. It is about evolution in schools in Canada, and provides an interesting perspective.

Should we reward them with taxpayers’ money to pass on these wonderful insights to the next generation? Should our future leaders learn to smother their critical thinking and make decisions based on faith rather than evidence and reason? From Canada, we don’t have to look too far south to see how tragic these faith-based decisions can be.

Read the whole thing here. Scott has another Op Ed piece coming out shortly. I’ll pass on that link when I get it.

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2 thoughts on “Schools should put faith in science

  1. Interesting; here in BC my daughter recently completed high school and encountered evolution several times throughout her studies. She reported that there were a few ‘creationist’ kids in the class and the teachers response was always the same – to paraphrase – “It doesn’t matter whether or not you ‘name’ believe it or not, it’s happening: live with it, learn from it!

  2. The OECs accept the scientific age of the universe at about 13 billion years. The YECs count the “begats” in the Old Testament and come up with about 6,000 years. The difference is a factor of a bit over two million. Using the same ratio, the diameter of the Earth would be less than six metres. If it were made of rubber and filled with air, it would make a wonderful beach toy.That brought me just a little bit of joy…

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