This is way, way too creepy (robots)

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i-0ece8d65673c5b1efda4da7f328ba176-swimming.gifSome people are freaked out by snakes. Some people are freaked out by robots. But what about a Modular Snake Robot? Is that just a little too freaky even for someone who is not freaked out by snakes or robots?

Snake robots can use their many internal degrees of freedom to thread through tightly packed volumes accessing locations that people and machinery otherwise cannot use. Moreover, these highly articulated devices can coordinate their internal degrees of freedom to perform a variety of locomotion capabilities that go beyond the capabilities of conventional wheeled and the recently developed legged robots. The true power of these devices is that they are versatile, achieving behaviors limited to crawling, climbing, and swimming.This work considers two issues: snake robot locomotion and modular robot design. We achieve snake robot locomotion by ……

By being weird and creepy, I’d say. Have a look. They have a snake that climes up a pole and pisses on you.

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2 thoughts on “This is way, way too creepy (robots)

  1. What do you mean, freaky? Those are cool. Robots are great, and snakes are almost as good, so combining the two is even better. I want one.

  2. Can I get one that shoots death rays out of it’s head?Robots are okay. Snakes are okay. A robot snake with death rays … now your talking. I want one. Put me on the list.

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