Some Sick Atheist Demeans Kids … Photographic Evidence Destroyed

This is a repost of an item from my old blog. The Twin Cities Creation Science Fair association usually posts “random” photographs of the children’s exhibits on their web site after the fair is over. You can go and see them for the last few years. (Don’t look for a place to click on this post, I don’t provide it here.)But this year, something different happened, and if you go to the site where the photographs are supposed to be posted, you get this:Interesting, huh?Now, to really get the context of this, you may need to read at least the blog post and the last six or so comments in a conversation going on here about home schooling.I’m not going to even attempt to explain this. Comments? Suggestions? Information? Valium?

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5 thoughts on “Some Sick Atheist Demeans Kids … Photographic Evidence Destroyed

  1. So, you’re saying they left this nastygram on their website just because you linked to their pictures in your blog? If so, then congrats! But seriously, is that the only reason, because that’s lame on their part.

  2. Lance: I remember this discussion– that was the ONLY reason they did that–oh, and also that Greg didn’t share their view that the earth was created in seven days (or was it six?)Nice to see this post alive and well;-)

  3. My belief is that they took down the pictures because they were the same as my pictures, and they did not have any other pictures.If you take all the known pictures of the event and count up the number of depicted exhibits, it is a fraction of what the organizers claimed were there. They got caught in a lie. A christian, creationist, homeschooling lie.They needed to take the pictures down to cover their tracks, and they chose to blame me for the removal of the pictures, even though that makes no sense whatsoever.Another lie.I think I may be away the weekend of the fair this year. Too bad.

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