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Trump Doubles Down on Immigration; Promises Tacos for Everyone

I was half expecting Trump to soften on immigration. The logic of that? His main supporters, who hate all immigrants and are a bunch of racist slobs will vote for Trump no matter what he says because the are morons. But, the fence sitters, the amoral “Good Republicans” who would vote for him because they have learned to fear Democratic economic policies (this group are also all morons) might vote for him if he was less crazy sounding.

But no, that didn’t happen. Instead, he embarrassed our nation buy telling the President of Mexico, to his face, that he’s going to have to pay for this wall. Then he gave the most clearly hateful immigration speech yet.

But, there will be taco truck on every corner. Trump is going to lose and there will be taco trucks on every corner. THEY PROMISED!!!!!!

The gentleman speaking on behalf of Trump makes a very interesting, racist point. Mexican culture is dominant. The Spanish never conquered Mexico, we are told. If you don’t control Mexicans, they will take over. If you don’t realize that, it is just because you haven’t been to Mexico lately. Seriously, he said that!

And, he tells us that for this reason, if Trump doesn’t win this election, there will be a taco truck on every corner. Because, I guess, that is what a dominant culture does.

I’m going to be really pissed if there are not taco trucks on every corner at the end of this. Dammit.