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Phyllis Schlafly Is Dead

You may have heard the name, you may have an idea of who she was. This recent item on the Rachel Maddow show (long, but worth every second) puts her in context. Watch it:

Schlafly was one of the key architects of the modern right wing movement. She is one of the worst people in the world, at least in the context of American society and politics. She pretty much single handedly a) defeated the Equal Rights Amendment and b) managed the propaganda campaign that makes a lot of otherwise not-too-stupid people think, even today that the ERA is a bad idea.

She was a white supremacist who urged the Republican Party to abandon the Latino vote and focus on the white vote. She opposed same sex marriage and even civl unions. Earlier this year, she endorsed Trump for president. Again, watch the above report from Maddow to see how 50 years of right wing history and politics came together with the Trump campaign.

She died at the age of 92, and only after doing a lot of damage to our civilization.