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Keith Olbermann: Why Trump Wont Win

This discussion is a little ambiguous about “winning the nomination” vs. “winning the general election” but it is fun to see Keith Olbermann again. He states here that he is coming out of retirement.

Olbermann correctly points out something I think a lot of people don’t know or understand. A political party is an independent private entity (though there are some regulations and they must operate within the law). One of the first things they will do at the convention is to vote on rules. At that point, they can make any rule they want, pretty much. The rule could be “no nomination for Donald Trump.”

Would the rule be supported by the delegates in the room? Probably not. But it doesn’t matter, because they can make a rule about that too, in a sense. Like this:

That was at the last GOP convention, in which then House Speaker John Boehner pushing through rule changes that gave more power to the upper end of the party, taking it away from the “grass roots” which had, at that point, been infected with the pernicious fungus known as Rand Paul.

For more on this, watch very interesting bit from Rachel Maddow: