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What are the chances that Christ and Anti-Christ would end up living next door to each other?

Jesus H. Christ
[A]pparently, not as small as you might think. In Palm Bay Florida, Jesus is under arrest for stalking his neighbor, Anti-Christ, as well as shooting at him with a bb-gun.

I love the way the reporters keep referring to him as “Jesus Man.” I wonder if that’s how the Roman officials referred to him in 0-whatevery AD.

“Pilot. The Jesus Man is stirring up trouble again in the Galilee.”

“We’re gonna have to nail that Jesus Man to a cross, man.”

That sort of thing.

Anyway, here’s the video:


On a Mission from God

Lately I’ve been reading the 19th and early 20th century traveler’s accounts of what is now known as the Western Rift Valley and the Ituri Forest, Congo. Some are written by the famous ‘explorers’ such as H.M. Stanley, others written by scientists on expeditions in the area, and still others by missionaries. Reading these accounts puts me in mind of my own experiences, as a scientist working in that same area, with the missionaries that live and work, or sometimes just visit, there.

So, a few missionary stories are in order.
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