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Tristes Tropiques

Not the book (which is good) but the thing. The storms, really.

I may have mentioned the pilot whales I saw in San Diego the other day. You’ve heard about changes in shark distributions, and odd fish being caught in unusual places, etc. This is all about changes in the Pacific as increased global warming affects ocean ecology. Inside Climate News has this:


Warmer North Pacific Is Staying Warmer, With Dramatic Impact on Marine Life
Ocean temperature fluctuations have slowed, a new study says, with an extended warm period in the N. Pacific causing a massive shift in marine life.

One study suggests that there may be a new, but small, hurricane basin in the future: Climate change brings cyclone risk to Persian Gulf: study

See the graphic above. We are experiencing yet another “oh wow” event in the tropics, which seem to be littered with cyclones. Check out the details at the Weather Underground tropical storm section.

We like to go to dry places, they are sunny, don’t smell like mildew, and generally make great destinations. But they are spots, fixed in space, on the landscape, and with climate change they are affected and can’t just get up and move. See: The Coolest Places We’re Losing to the Drought

Jeff Masters talks about Fred. This is the first fully formed hurricane since 1892 to hit the Cape Verde, and is likely the farthest east forming hurricane on record. By the time you read this Fred will be a big wet smear rather than a hurricane, but during its short life it set some interesting records.