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Evolutionary Psychology Panel at CONvergence 2013

There is now a video and a transcript of the Evolutionary Psychology Panel at CONvergence 2013. Many of you, when you watch this, will become enraged at things said by the panelists. Rumors of what was said had already been spread around on the internet and as I understand it Jerry Coyne and Stephen Pinker have already become enraged. Or maybe the loved it. I’m not sure.

If you want me to respond to any of your enraged rage regarding anything that was said, or for that matter, if you have anything at all … negative, positive, informative, whatever … to contribute to the conversation please put it in the comments below. Of late I’ve been engaged in a handful of projects that curtail my web surfing activities so if you put comments somewhere other than below this post I’m very unlikely to ever see them. This thread will not be moderated unless you post secret launch codes or whatever. (Comments are typically held in moderation until I release them unless you are a prior-trusted commenter, but I’ll put whatever you’ve got here that is not spam … or launch codes.)

Here’s the video:

The transcript is here.

What are the best steampunk goggles for me to wear to SkepchickCON?

This year’s CONvergence is allegedly more steampunk themed than usual, so we may be required to wear goggles to the various sessions on evolution, skepticism, etc. I need help picking out which ones to wear. So far, these are the choices:
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