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Navigating Climate Science Denialism: Resources for you

I have four things for you, two of which you already know about and one that is brand new and very exciting.

You already know that Skeptical Science is a web site that addresses most, perhaps all, of the questions that people raise about climate science. These questions might come from your Uncle Jeb who just figures global warming is a fad and not very important, or they may be questions that come from trained trolls who travel the Intertubes attempting to systematically disrupt the most important conversation we can have in the early 21st century. Skeptical science is also like an intro textbook of climate science, you can learn pretty much everything at a basic or intermediate level without having to know too much math. THE SITE IS HERE and there are also apps you can get for your smart phone so you can science circles around Uncle Jeb.

Very quickly, the second thing: My own “Climate Science Search Engine” which is a customized Google search that scans only sites that are not denialist. It is in the right side bar of this blog.

Third, check out the Debunking Handbook.

Fourth, and this is new, is Media Matters’ Mythopedia!

Mythopedia allows you to search for the truth about a variety of right-wing lies and misinformation. It should work on your desktop or mobile device as a web site. At the start, the database underlying Mythopedia has a few hundred of the most common myths about subjects including climate change. Media Matter expects to expand the data base on a regular basis. Think of it as a highly specialized Snopes Snooper.

Mythopedia is HERE.

Here’s a video: