Trust the Plan: The Rise of QAnon and the Conspiracy That Unhinged America (Book recommendation)

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Trust the Plan: The Rise of QAnon and the Conspiracy That Unhinged America by Will Sommer, is a must read for all of the loyal and long time readers and leaders in this blog community.

Remember the MRAs? They and others begat 4Chan. 4Chan begat QAnon. QAnon begat January 6th. And, never mind the guy with the horns. Donald Trump is the QAnon Shaman.

John Favreau interviews Will Sommer, author of Trust The Plan, on Offline:

Note: There are about the same number of QAnon followers in the US as there are “mainline Protestant,” ca 12-15%. Considering that this is a violently anti-Semitic belief system (and this Antisemitism is core to QAnon doctrine) it is concerning that there are about 17 million Jews in America, but close to 50 million Q-Anon believers (though the latter are hard to count).

Read the book. Watch the video. Don’t let your friends believe in this. Also, just so you know, children are not pizza.

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4 thoughts on “Trust the Plan: The Rise of QAnon and the Conspiracy That Unhinged America (Book recommendation)

  1. So we’re at the point where the QOP has dropped all pretense of being non-racist and non-authoritarian. A rapist with a history of conning people out of money, not paying legal bills, scamming charities, and more, is their front-runner for the next presidential election. Their “leaders” are continuing to pursue an “investigation” of President Biden’s son simply because he is the president’s son, not because they have evidence of wrong-doing. The ‘conservative’ majority on the Supreme Court are on the take and as corrupt as they can be. The need to generate fear and threats of “others” [started by Reagan with his mythical ‘welfare queens’] has led to calls for banning books because they dare to talk about people who aren’t white. Part of the new curriculum here in Portage is under attack from right-wing loons because readings include discussions of contributions to US arts, science, and other areas by “Asians”. The driving theme at school board meetings by clowns has been

    This is not appropriate for the classroom. If parents want children to hear this it should be discussed in the home.

    Yup — they’ve co-opted the old crap line about sex ed for their ‘argument’.

    Obviously this could go on [drag queens, really? They’re a threat? Look at priests and other religious authorities for that] but the question is: are we truly screwed, or is there a chance the sane people in the country will come out ahead?

    1. is there a chance the sane people in the country will come out ahead?

      Not as long as vipers such as this can get away with law breaking:

      While Greene warned that “parental discretion is advised” before showing this imagery to the entire room – and the camera crews in it – she didn’t explain that she was going to be exhibiting porn. That left the media outlets streaming the hearing with the awkward job of blurring out the poster boards as quickly as possible. The right is obsessed with the idea that liberals want to force ideas about sexuality on to children – yet they’re the ones beaming porn into unsuspecting living rooms around the country. And, not content with showing the pictures just once, Greene also included the images in her official email newsletter, whose subscribers may very well include minors.

      Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tawdry act in Congress may have broken federal laws – fitting for a truly bankrupt individual

  2. To add to the tone of the post and Lionel’s spot on comment: Michigan just suffered the embarrassment of having the annual “Republican Leadership Conference” on Mackinaw island, where the folks who claim to represent the “working class” stayed at the Grand Hotel (look up how much that costs: hardly working class rates). They repeated stated how conservatives are being harassed and unjustly indicted (‘If they can treat trump this way they can do it to you’) and repeated what they need to defeat:

    – science — apparently no area of science can be trusted, and so all of the scientific community must be dismantled
    – people who are woke — with “woke” apparently meaning not racist, not bigoted, anti-nazi and white supremacist — all the horrible things people do that the right currently endorses as acceptable behavior
    – librarians and libraries have apparently become enemies of the right: lots of calls for local governments to “reign them in”

    The notion that the 2020 election was stolen was front and center, that future elections will be stolen unless “we strongly watch who can vote”, and so on — I think the picture is clear.

    These modern republicans are strongly anti-democracy and want to move the country to an authoritarian place where the only people who are free to choose how to live their own life are rich white men. I know this seems like the right thing to much of the republican base [cough, rickA, cough], but it should scare the hell out of decent people.

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