On the record: Tucker Carlson will run for President

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The more I think about it the more I’m sure. Here’s the argument.

  • Tucker Carlson has an ego the size of the universe.
  • There is no pattern of people key in a network leaving the network and doing better. (I get his from the current “Pod Save America” discussion).
  • So, the next thing Carlson does has got to be an upward move, and that can’t happen in a news or entertainment network.
  • Despite the potential strength of his position, starting his own network is probably not on the table. Therefore….
  • He runs for President.

Chance of winning the Republican nomination if he runs? 80%

Chance of becoming president if he gets the Republcian nomination? 50-50.

Sorry if I just ruined your day.

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12 thoughts on “On the record: Tucker Carlson will run for President

  1. Terrifying thought, but since we know the republican party has removed any players or supporters who have any integrity or sense of right and wrong, a possibility. Since we now know that in addition to supporting sexual assault and harassment in its leaders they support, and reward it, in their Supreme Court justices, there’s probably a pretty good chance of the former fox racist running. I don’t know about your probabilities, but I’m afraid they’re higher than they should be.

  2. I doubt Tucker will run – but who knows? At least Tucker isn’t a pre-baby boomer (born before 1946) like Biden. He is senile and it will be a terrible idea to elect someone so old.

    I would prefer to see whoever is elected be born after 1964 (or later). Less than 60 would be nice. I believe Tucker is 53 so he would qualify on age.

    Tucker is smart and popular also – so that won’t hurt either (if he chooses to run – which I doubt).

    1. Being old does not automatically make someone senile. Having a speech impediment does not make someone senile. It’s not okay to make fun of either of these conditions or assert that someone has them.

  3. Personally I expect Tucker to do what Megan Kelly did – get his own podcast/youtube/rumble show, where he isn’t beholden to anybody but himself for what he wants to say and what topics he can cover. He will make more money than he did, and his audience will follow him over to his new show. He will be even more popular because he will not be constrained by management. I cannot wait!

    1. No surprise you’re awaiting a white supremacist unleashed – that fits your style perfectly. The fact he pushes the bogus replacement theory and other racist crap is icing on your cake.

      But, you’re stupid enough to believe Biden senile, so reality isn’t your favorite thing.

  4. As Biden said “asufutimaehaehfutbw”.

    Thanks for reinforcing both your stupidity and dishonesty. I can’t imagine how you failed to learn any lesson about decency, honesty, or integrity — but there you are, lacking in all three, the perfect little right-wing authoritarian.

  5. Greg,
    The local reality denier does bring up a concerning thing — RFK Jr’s announced run for the White House. It’s interesting that he’s declared saying he’ll run under the Democratic umbrella. I assume he thinks that folks will remember, with fondness, his family ‘heritage’ in US politics.

    I don’ know about that — I don’t think resting your legitimacy on you family history is a good thing for anyone — but it does seem to me to be his attempt to say “Don’t pay an attention to the years of lies I’ve told about vaccines and how they’re harming our children: look at me as another of the golden children of a family that’s the closest thing we have to political royalty.”


  6. Having listened at one point to RFK Jr ranting on Ring of Fire Radio about vaccines, I tend to agree. If he’s going to run, I think he would have a better chance as a Republican. Not a good chance, but better than as a Democrat — despite his father’s well-deserved reputation for nobility.

    1. It depends whether they think trump or rfk jr tells better lies with greater fluidity — lies are the only things that matter to the leaders on the right and their supporters.

    2. No, from what I’ve seen Trump still has a fairly strong hold on the GOP. It’s just that RFK Jr’s chances, as slim as they may be in the GOP, are still better than in his late father’s party.

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