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We Minnesota DFLers* love Senator Lindsey Port. She is the amazing senator representing Minnesota Senate District 55, which by coincidence is where I was for most of the day today being judgmental at high school students.** That is a tough district for a DFLer to represent, but she is so well respected by the people of Savage and Burnsville (Go Lakers!) that she wins handily.

So today, I heard DFL Party Chair Ken Martin giving the You Betha award to “all of the DFL women in the Senate who maintained composure while the extremist white men in the Republican party explained to them how abortion works, for 11 hours, except of course Lindsey Port.” Or words to that effect. (Listen to the original here.)

Why was Senator Port exempted from the Straight Face award? Have a look.

Click to see face palm:

Sorry, Lindsey, maybe next time! Until then, however, keep up the good work.

*DFL = Democratic Party

**Judging a speech contest

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13 thoughts on “OMG Lindsay Port

  1. extremist white men in the Republican party

    That phrase would mean exactly the same thing if “extremist” were removed.

    1. They think that the only constituency that matters is their church’s male leadership. Although, yes, there are women who are opposed to women having freedom of reproductive choice, it’s a function of a male-dominated community that wants to keep it that way.

      It’s not about babies, it’s about restricting women’s freedom. These men have no clue about why women need and get abortions, they just know that if women have the right to consult with their doctor over their baby-making, they are more independent than they used to be.

  2. They think that the only constituency that matters is their church’s male leadership.

    True, but also about power and punishment of women who are poor and/or not white. The scum pushing these anti-choice ideas know that their wives and children will be able to get an abortion anytime they want/need one: they just don’t want “others” to have the same access.

    Related note: Florida is really becoming a hell hole: the head dirtbags are banning more books

    but I’m not sure why the person who wrote that article didn’t spend more time on the final paragraph:

    The Florida High School Athletics Association, under DeSantis’s reign, is also recommending requiring student athletes to give their schools detailed information about their periods.

    First the people behind AP knelt down and cripped a history course because racists didn’t like it, now this.

    1. Latest from FL: they’ve moved away from the period reports but want to require any student athlete to report the sex they were assigned at birth in order to be allowed to play.

      There’s just no way to find anything good about modern Republican leaders or the people who support them.

    1. In their first meeting, the new board members adopted a series of measures that changed things in Ottawa County. They fired the county administrator and replaced him with John Gibbs, a former Trump administration official, Christian missionary, failed congressional candidate and election denier who once suggested women should not have the right to vote. They ran out their corporate counsel. They closed the county’s office of diversity, equity and inclusion. They picked for their new public health officer — pending state approval — a safety manager at an HVAC service company who, during the Covid pandemic, suggested ivermectin and neti-pots instead of social distancing and masks. And they rewrote the county motto.

      Indeed: “No longer was Ottawa County ‘Where You Belong,’ but, rather, ‘Where Freedom Rings.’ ”

      I submit that with the changes listed above, which threaten public health and contravene the First Amendment by respecting an establishment of religion, a better new motto for Ottawa County would be “Where ‘freedom’ rings hollow.”

  3. No surprise that ricka, perennial bigot and authoritarian, doesn’t care for policies that improve a community for everyone. He stopped being a decent person long long ago [if he ever was one].

  4. Just to expand: rickA minimized the danger by saying they changed a motto. They are also
    – pushing the myth that covid vaccines are harmful and masking was worthless
    – want to install a health officer that has no education in science or medicine but who does push ivermectin as a useful treatment for covid
    – they are pushing to have libraries ban books they don’t like or face closure
    – they believe the myth that CRT is being taught in public schools and want to revamp the curriculum to “put god back in schools”
    – are Christian nationalists, so inherently racist people, in an area that is already highly racist

    Why did rickA ignore all the other items? Well, because the prospect of making the country more racist and authoritarian appeals to him. Restricting education is good [in his view] as well, because getting a good education is a sure way to show that the things he and these clowns in MI believe to be true are actually pure bullshit.

    As usual, the obvious point is that the group of people most dangerous to the country and democracy belong to the modern Republican Party.

    Add-on: the MI Republican Party just elected their new leader. She’s a failed gubernatorial candidate from the last election [lost by over 15 percentage points] who blames her loss on voter fraud, says the same for trump’s loss, believes schools are teaching crt “from kindergarten”, believes covid was created as a weapon by the Chinese government with the help of Fauci, and says demons are spread by pre-marital sex.

    Again, typical republican, but it shows rational people just how far the party on the right has fallen. Back in the late 60s through the 90s they used to be simple pricks who wanted to screw poor people: now they’re batshit insane.

    1. Back in the late 60s through the 90s they used to be simple pricks who wanted to screw poor people: now they’re batshit insane.

      These Repugs are in an ever tightening spiral of just plain bigoted nasty. Shame they cannot disappear up their own fundament. Until they do the US experiment with democracy is set to fail.

  5. True lionel, and it seems the only thing that matters in their selection of leaders is the ability to tell ever-larger and more extreme lies. The latest on the newly elected QOP leader in MI.

    Three days after delegates elected her to lead the Michigan Republican Party, Kristina Karamo reaffirmed her belief in a conspiracy theory, claiming shadowy forces are working to achieve global domination right here in Michigan.

    “What prompted me to run for chair of the Michigan Republican Party is the fact that Michigan has become ground zero for the globalist takeover of the United States of America,” she said in the interview.

    She’s talking about the crap Bannon dreamed up to sell to the uneducated, pushing the mythology that the UN and World Economic Forum want to establish one-world government, one-world religion, one-world currency, and eliminate sovereignty. Also in her rant:

    – the “Biden is a traitor and we have proof” line
    – major concern about the “U.S. Centre for Advanced Manufacturing” that will be located in MI, apparently because the World Economic Forum [“Jews”, as mentioned in some of her rallies] is involved and because the “socialist idea” of sustainable development is part of the plan

    If we didn’t have one person continually popping in to push the republican line you’d have to wonder how stupid one needs to be to support these clowns, but that one poster continually shows how stupid you need to be.

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