Why I Support Keith Ellison for MN AG

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One thought on “Why I Support Keith Ellison for MN AG

  1. The big difference between Republicans and Democrats this election, is that the Democrats actually want our society to function for people in real life situations, and for businesses to be held accountable. The Republicans just want to let everything fall apart, and look to John Galt Donald Trump to fix it all up again.

    Keith Ellison knows what he’s doing in the AG office, and he presses for accountability in business and in the police force. The other guy? Well, we have no real idea other than he may or may not be against abortion in all cases, he seems to waffle a bit on the rape and incest bit. Also, he’s never been a trial lawyer, so there’s that.

    Everyone, doorknock. It’s a good way to get turnout. And turn off the TV. The ads are meant to discourage people from voting. Don’t let the bastards win.

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