This “MAGA” ad is going to make you feel really bad.

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Who gets to choose?

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3 thoughts on “This “MAGA” ad is going to make you feel really bad.

  1. Have seen this a few times. The right-wingers around here who’ve seen it have a couple standard responses:

    – that doesn’t happen. Doctors can’t tell whether or not the baby will live
    – it would still be wrong for her to have an abortion — her life isn’t threatened

    As we’ve seen from most of rickA’s posts: there is no bar to clear for decency so low that the modern right won’t duck below it.

    – Here in MI the QOP candidate for governor has said that ‘the case of a 14-year old girl raped and impregnated by her uncle is the perfect example of why we need an abortion ban’ (she hasn’t supplied an explanation for that: it was her answer to a hypothetical on some conservative radio show)

    We also had two Republican members of our Board of Canvassers vote against putting a ballot initiative on the November ballot. If it were on the ballot, and passed, it would make abortion legal in MI. They agreed it had more than enough legal signatures but “didn’t want it put to a vote”. Democracy in action, the wanna-be authoritarian right approach. (The group behind the initiative will likely appeal to the state Supreme Court.)

    One group opposing the ballot is running an ad opposing it, alledging it would insert “over 60 errors into the State of Michigan Constitution if passed”.

    What are the errors you ask? Spacing errors. They counted the number of times spacesbetweenwords didn’t appear, inconsistencies in the number of spaces after periods (should it be 1 or 2? So confusing!!!!) and random capitalization errors. That’s it.

    But we need to remember: the people on the “abortion is murder” train aren’t very bright or honest in their arguments, or their “pro-life” views. It’s very sad that they hold sway in many places.

  2. That ad makes me feel both good and bad — good because it’s am excellent example of skewering an absurd GOP position; and bad because it reflects the posturing of another venal politician: Gregg Abbott.

    Something totally OT that also makes me feel bad is the statement on Amanpour & Co. today that “the presence of troops of Russia’s Special Military Operation is the best guarantee of safety of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.” The statement was made by Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the European Union.

    A Brit might say to him, “Cheese off!”

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