Republicans break, Democrats fix

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Democrats build, Extremist Republicans prefer rot

It has become axiomatic that Democrats build infrastructure (this has been true of northern Democrats since the time of Lincoln, and those northern democrats voted for Abe). This continues with the largest infrastructure bill ever, which is changing the face of our country for the better. Much of that infrastructure upgrade is required because of MAGA Republican neglect. Republicans like bridges that collapse. Democrats build bridges to the future.

The Biden Economic Recovery is developing at a rapid pace, outpacing previous Democratic administration recoveries such as the Obama-Biden recovery of 2009. In Minnesota, DFLers proposed important infrastructure upgrades and the extremist Republcian Senators who ruin everything good have put a halt to that. Speaking of infrastructure, you should check out my Senator, DFLer Ann Johnson Steward’s infrastructure shorts, mainly on You Tube. (Note, in Minnesota, the word “ramp” is used for “elevated parking garage.” We don’t often refer to highway ramps, but sometimes call them “metered ramps.”)

Meanwhile, we all know and can clearly document that economic recoveries, which eventually do happen, are largely needed because of blatant and selfish robbing of the national treasury, along with abysmal fiscal mismanagement of our nation’s economy, by Republican administrations.

Republican Infrastructure Project.

Vote Blue No Matter Whom!

#DFL to the rescue!

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