Democrats are the good guys. Extremists MAGA Republicans are the bad guys.

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There. I said it. But you probably already knew it.

Democrats like health, Republicans prefer misery and death

All of our recent improvements in health care have come from Democratic administrations, including the most recent expansion of the ACA by Joe Biden, to add 5,800,000 new customers.

The MAGA Republicans hate health care, and do everything they can to take it away from us. Remember, it was the first Republican effort to kill Obamacare that caused the uprising known today as Indivisible.

Democrats protect and nurture rights and dignity while Republicans are misogynistic anti-freedom creeps

Years of progressive activism brought us to a point where women’s bodily autonomy was guaranteed, we can marry whom we love, and we recognize the widespread rights of dignity and freedom of choice.

Then the Republican-packed Supreme Court took that away and threatens to do worse, while extremist Republican governors and legislatures across the country are doubling down on enslaving women and taking away basic human rights.

Democrats = the good guys.
Republicans = the bad guys.
Vote Blue, in Minnesota vote DFL.

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