Happy Anniversary Anthony Watts!

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One of the most odious individuals to exist on the Internet is Anthony Watts, climate science denier and all round ass.

But you knew that.

What you may not have been thinking when you woke up this morning, and you are forgiven since there are some other important things going on in this world, is that this is the approximate tenth anniversary of the end of Watt’s credibility, which also coincides with the end of Roger Pielke Sr’s credibility, and a few other related casualties of ill intentioned fake science.

I’m reminded of this fact by my friend Victor Venema, who woke up this morning with a blog post: The 10th anniversary of the still unpublished Watts et al. (2012) manuscript .

The object lesson from this anniversary: Science marches on while pesudoscience withers and dies.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Anthony Watts!

  1. The watershed moment for me was when Watts reneged on his pledge to accept the result of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) Study, whatever it turned out to be. The study, partly funded by the Kochs, found that, yes, the global mean temperature has risen over the past 250 years.


    To be clear, I always understood that Watts rejected climate science.

    1. I remember Sou of HotWhopper down in Oz taking Watts to task on a regular basis. It seems that her blog is now quiet.

  2. I don’t know if this will play in the US but the BBC has broadcast a three part series on the Denial, Doubt and Denial campaigns of big fossil.

    Big Oil v the World

    Have they at last realised that they were played by such as Benny Peiser who appears to be still doing his best, or should that be worst, to promote Net Zero Watch.

  3. I discovered today that Pat Michaels passed away on July 15 this year. He appeared in that BBC documentary that I linked and he looked decidedly unwell, very puffy featured, more so than his usual look.

  4. Did you see that the climate bill that just passed amended the Clean Air Act so that co2 produced from burning fossil fuels is now an “air pollutant”. Sweet.

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