Teachers, you may find some of these videos useful.

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And if you have your own favorites, please add links to them in the comments.

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First, this tear jerker:

Have you read the breakthrough novel of the year? When you are done with that, try:

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One thought on “Teachers, you may find some of these videos useful.

  1. I’m going to assume you meant “this tear jerker” in an ironic sense. Because that’s not a tearjerker, Greg — unless the tears be those of joyful admiration.

    Both my parents were teachers, and so I’m probably more sensitive than most to situations like the one Randy DeVelbiss found himself in — a situation which prompted him to say the following for the record: “I left teaching because I couldn’t stand it any more,” [deVelbiss] said. “If I failed a child, the parents always complained. If I reprimanded a child, the school would threaten disciplinary action. I figured out there are better things I could do with my life.”

    See page 97 of Time To Start Thinking by Edward Luce.

    And on page 75 of his 2012 book, Luce compares two salaries in Texas: “According to the Austin American-Statesman the average salary for a high school sports coach in Texas is $73,000, versus $42,000 for a teacher in any other field in the same grade.”

    The book also has some things to say about the Freemans, a struggling family in the eastern suburbs of Minneapolis. It provides good descriptions of several problems plaguing America.

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