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… you get some random info.

If you are driving an electric car in the United States, the price of “fueling” your vehicle has skyrocketed due to petroleum supply change issues related to the fascist invasion of Ukraine exactly 0%.

There are a couple of places where there has been a slight increase, I think owing to some trading back and fort of petrolium supplies, or maybe for no reason at all. But, essentially, electric car owners have been insulated from this problem, insolated as they in fact are.

I heard that the state of Washingon will phase out the sales of new ICE cars by 2030.

You heard about the Conger Ice Shelf falling off Antarctica. It is said to be the size of Manhattan. If you have been following the Antarctica news over the last decade, you will be both alarmed and not as alarmed. First, the good news: An Antarctic ice sheet the size of Manhattan is a baby. The biggest one to ever break lose was something like 76 Manhattans, or approximately one Connecticut. Or, for you Minnesotans, between two and three norther counties. So, not so big. The bad news, though, is really bad. Two parts. First, this region of the Antarctic never sees temperatures above freezing, until very recently. Second, it took a geological instant (literally, days, maybe a couple of weeks) for above freezing temperatures to cause an ice sheet to break free, assuming that the warm air contributed (this remains to be seen).

New video from Climate Denial Crosk of the Week on the future of the US Western Drought is HERE.

Podcast will be with Mike, on Ikonokast, stay tuned.

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  1. Tangentially relevant: A new paper suggests there may be a huge increase in zoonotic diseases as climate change progresses.

    There will be at least 15,000 instances of viruses leaping between species over the next 50 years, with the climate crisis helping fuel a ‚Äúpotentially devastating‚ÄĚ spread of disease that will imperil animals and people and risk further pandemics, researchers have warned.


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