Punch Covid In The Face with Money

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The global, and American, research programs in health and biology over recent decades have given us inadequate tools to understand the Covid virus as fully and quickly as I think we could have. We need:

  • …more basic research on viruses, never mind the virus
  • …more basic research on infections, never mind the pathogen, the host, or even the severity of the disease
  • …a research center on T cells, another on B cells, another on NK cells, another on the lymph system, if that is what it takes
  • For every working vaccine for an existing vaccine there should be 1000 vaccines made up just for the fun of learning what and how and if and everything one learns while making things.
  • Pathogen researchers should be producing experimental just-for-fun vaccines like Linux geeks produce operating systems or distros. So when a new pathogen comes along, the best vaccine response, you can order on Amazon.
  • Very little of these basic research approaches has been the subject of targeted research. This is the fallacy of targeted research. Targeted research alone is not how we address the Next Big Thing.
  • In the US, the NIH,NSF, and all the other research funding and oversight agencies, and the research arms of all the scientific agencies such a the USGS, NOAA, DOE,etc. are INFRASTRUCTURE and their funding should be TRIPLED.

Let’s throw money at this thing!

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One thought on “Punch Covid In The Face with Money

  1. Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! is worth a look online. Today’s episode deals with vaccines and tests for COVID. Featured:
    * Dr. Peter Hotez, at Baylor College of Medicine, who has just come up with a vaccine that will be distributed patent-free worldwide. Dr. Hotez is also the author of Preventing the Next Pandemic: Vaccine Diplomacy in a Time of Anti-science (JHU Press, March 2021)
    * Dr. Irene Bosch, of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, who offered a low-cost COVID-19 antigen test in March of 2020 that the FDA rejected.


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