No more black pastors

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Did you hear that white supremacist on the defense team of the white supremacist posse-men who murdered Ahmaud Arbrey said?


I have no comments on this, it is obvious how wrong this is. But, I have some memes based on the reaction of one of those present.

By the way if you look at the video, and watch the woman to our right (the one with the non-curly hair) you will see one of the best aborted face-palms ever.

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45 thoughts on “No more black pastors

  1. It seems this trial and the one for in WI for the kid that murdered two protesters are competing with each other to see which can be crowned the bigger shitshow.

  2. Yes, well in schools we should be teaching that Martin Luther Junior the King said “We should just people by the content of the character and not the color of their skin,” because racism is over and if we say anything else it’s CRT and that makes the kids feel bad about being white.

    So, parents, don’t let your kids see this. They need to love being white.

  3. Not guilty is the only verdict a reasonable juror could reach applying the law to the facts in this case.

    There is zero evidence Kyle went there with the intent to kill rioters. Kyle had just as much right to be there as the rioters and protesters. If an angry mob tries to kill you because you put out their fires, you still have the right to defend yourself.

    I hope there are not more riots across the USA because the mob wants blood and this verdict denied them that blood. We will see.

  4. I’m not surprised the resident racist would jump in to defend him, with the lies the guy used in court. Neither reality more defense matters to him

    1. Poor dean. You are once again experience cognitive dissonance. The reality is that the prosecution lied – not Kyle. Their whole case during opening was that Kyle chased down Rosenbaum and shot him in the back. That was shown to be a lie – easily rebuted by the actual video evidence (i.e. reality). Then the prosecution shifted to arguing the opposite – that yes Kyle was being chased by Rosenbaum – but he provoked it. The jury didn’t buy that either.

      Bottom line – Kyle put out the mobs fires and they were super pissed and tried to kill him. Four different people attacked him and he successfully defended himself against the attacks four times.

      Kyle killed Rosenbaum in self-defense – so not a murder.

      Kyle was attacked by jump kick man (never identified) and shot in self-defense and missed him (he ran off) – so successful self-defense and not a murder (or even an injury).

      Kyle was then attacked by skateboard man and shot and killed him in self-defense – so not a murder.

      Kyle was then attacked by Gaige Grosskreutz – who testified he was only shot after he pointed his loaded pistol at Kyles head – so successful self-defense and not a murder (Gaige survived).

      The video evidence shows the reality and the jury found the reality – no lying by Kyle. He was attacked and everything he did was in self-defense.

      You need to get out of your news bubble and look at the videos yourself and do more research. No racism involved in this case (all three identified attackers were white). No carrying a rifle across state lines. No murders – only self-defense.

      The only people lying are the prosecution and the progressive left, who like you, are all experiencing cognitive dissonance and are therefore in denial of reality.

      What is the response of people like you? Start a riot in Portland and throw bricks at the police.

    2. “What is the response of people like you? Start a riot in Portland and throw bricks at the police.”

      It would be interesting if you could point to where I did that, or supported that.

      You can’t though — it’s simply a continuation of your long series of comments that have no basis in reality. (Remember: you’re the guy who lied about how dangerous the Devil’s Night activities in Detroit were, simply because there were non-whites taking part.)

    3. Re Portland, since the white supremacist brought it up.

      According to Portland police records reviewed by their district attorney, after the riots

      White people make up around 78% and Black people account for about 10% of arrests, according to the DA’s office

      The data further shows that

      Non-violent crimes accounted for “99% of the conduct” at protests.

      Police were arresting people carrying signs or being on the street and chanting. There was violence and property damage, and it did make the bulk of news coverage because drama sells, and the people responsible were arrested and have been or are in the process of going through the legal system, but as usual rickA is overselling things.

      We get it rickA. You lie about racial issues and justice. They’re just so blatant it’s more insulting that you try than that you do it.

  5. Right wing loons like RickA love doughy losers like Rittenhouse who see themselves as pumped up he-men when carrying assault rifles. What a pin-up boy he has become for the GOP fascists and NRA who believe that white supremacy legitimizes white males of any age to arm themselves and to shoot protesters while claiming ‘self defense’. The trial was, of course, an epic farce, but, given the prevailing racist ideology that pervades much of white America, it was inevitable from the beginning that the all-white jury and a pro-Trump loony as a judge would find Rittenhouse innocent. Of course, had he rightfully not been in Kenosha, three men would not have been shot, two to death.

    Imagine, for a second, had the protest been like the one on January 6th, and a young, African-American male had driven there carrying a AR-15 assault rifle to ‘prevent looting and provide medical support’, the two excuses Rittenhouse used. I will tell you what would have happened. He would have been shot dead by police, but let us for argument’s sake say that did not happen, but instead he shot and killed two pro-Trump protesters who he claimed were attacking him. What would an all-white jury decide? We don’t need two brain cells to answer that. Guilty of negligent homicide at least, but more likely even more severe.

    The US judicial system is out-and-out racist to the core. The system infantilizes white males, and the defense made out over and over again that Rittenhouse was ‘just a kid’ doing what he thought was right. African Americans do not have that luxury. Regardless of age, they are adultified, with defendents or the police repeatedly saying garbage like ‘he was big for his age’ in order to defend killing them. This mantra has been repeatedly used to defend people like George Zimmerman or instances where police have killed black children as young as 12. The trial and execution of 14-year old George Stinney in 1944 is symptomatic. That would never happen to a white teenager of the same age.

    To further illustrate the vial inequality of the US judicial system, is a story journalist Chris Hedges told several years ago. Hedges frequently goes to some US prisons to teach literature to some of the inmates. He says that many of them have far more humanity than he ever experienced among the hallowed halls of academia. One story resonated with me. Hedges said that he had been tutoring a 29-year old African American inmate who had been incarcerated since he was 14 years of age. The crime? He was in a car with his younger sister and step mother that was pulled over by the police for a minor traffic infraction. The mother had an unlicensed gun in the car and when the police noticed it, the young teenager claimed it was his to prevent his step mother getting into trouble. The 14 year-old was taken into custody and put into an adolescent prison where he was forgotten. Because of the inherently racist judicial system, the young man disappeared down a black hole and was transferred to prison where he has been ever since. Hedges was almost in tears describing the situation. The man told Hedges that he will probably never get out of prison. Why? Because he is African American and nobody gives a damn. Hedges said that prisons in the US are full of young black males like this man. The system is rotten to the core.

    And then there is a young thug like Rittenhouse, feted like a hero by the far right, when in reality he is nothing of the sort. Just a few weeks before the Kenosha shootings he was filmed sucker-punching a teenage girl. And RickA writes on here as if ‘Kyle’ is some kind of angel. Let me tell you RickA that when I was 17 I was out going for hikes in nature, playing baseball, bird watching and being a ‘normal’ teenager. I was not coveting assault rifles and attending protests where I could strut around like a peacock on steroids looking for trouble. You clearly have a warped view of justice.

    1. 1. It was not an all white jury. There was one person of color on the jury.
      2. Racism not part of this trial. All rioters shot were white.
      3. You say had Kyle not been there, nobody shot. Maybe. But had no rioters been there – nobody shot either. Had nobody attacked Kyle for putting out fires – nobody shot either.
      4. If Kyle was black and the same exact fact pattern happened – it is my belief he would still have been found not guilty. Why – because the right of self-defense exists no matter what race you are and no matter what race the attackers are. It shouldn’t matter – swap out the race or even the sex of the person attacked or the attackers and it shouldn’t matter. Of course, we will never know – but that is my opinion. If I were on the jury I would have found Kyle not guilty on these facts – no matter what race Kyle was. You, on the other hand seem like you would convict Kyle just because he is white. You are the racist. Facts don’t matter to you – only the skin color of the defendant. Disgusting. Be color blind – that is the way forward – not treating people differently based on skin color. You are on the wrong side of history.

  6. The only people lying are the prosecution and the progressive left, who like you, are all experiencing cognitive dissonance and are therefore in denial of reality.

    The reality here is, RickA, that a self appointed vigilante decided to cross state lines armed with a rifle looking for trouble. It was his decision to use confrontational behaviour whilst thus armed so it is not a surprise that he got a reaction and took advantage of that.

    The other part of this reality is that the judge threw good sense and justice to the wind by carrying out actions which would ensure the result he wanted, not true justice.

    The consequences for American society will be dire as many more vigilantes are encouraged to take similar action. You, RickA, had better hope that you are not in the firing line when the civil war being stoked by such actions reaches your neighbourhood, you may just end up with more than bricks through your windows. You have so little imagination and lack skills in analytical thought..

    1. Wow – you guys keep getting the facts wrong.

      Nobody crossed state lines armed.

      No evidence Kyle was a vigilante either.

      Kyle didn’t attack anybody – only defended himself from being attacked.

      Yes – riots are bad and I hope they don’t reach my neighborhood. But why are the rioters protesting? Not racism – because racism has nothing to do with this trial. So why are they burning, looting and attacking the police? It makes zero sense. You support billions of dollars of damage to minority owned businesses – that is moronic. I feel sorry for you and Jeffh – you are so blinded by your hatred of white people – just sad.

      Don’t support rioters and arsonists – that is just dumb. Support peaceful protests – not burning down car lots owned by minority’s. Try to rise above your racism.

  7. Let me help you guys out a bit.

    1. Being white is not a crime.
    2. Being 17 is not a crime.
    3. Crossing state lines is not a crime.
    4. Self-defense is not a crime.
    5. Bearing arms is not a crime.
    6. Going to a protest is not a crime.

    On the other hand:

    7. Arson is a crime.
    8. Rioting is a crime.
    9. Attempted murder based on stopping arson is a crime.

    Kyle did nothing wrong.

    The attackers all did something wrong.

    1. Ricka you do know the first guy he killed was unarmed and moving away from him don’t you? You do know that the little killer told people he was an EMT and was there to treat people who needed it (he’s not an EMT) and after he shot his first victim, when he was asked to help and call 911 he instead called a buddy and bragged about shooting his first one.

      As to your other usual bullshit:
      Nobody here ever said being white is a crime.
      Nobody ever said being 17 is a crime.
      Nobody ever said self defense is a crime (but the little killer was t defending himself)

      The fact that you have to rely on such blatant lies – indeed, that you would keep repeating crap like this as though everyone else is constantly repeating them – simply shows how you really don’t care about the reality of this situation or modern society in general. It does continue to show that your claims of being interested in facts and law and order are pure bullshit. But you’ve been doing that for years.

    2. dean:

      You are a liar.

      Rosenbaum was not unarmed. He had a chain. He was also charging at Kyle – not moving away. He actually grabbed the barrel of the rifle.

      Watch the video.

  8. Let me help you out a bit RickA. Your reading comprehension skills need a lot of work so it probably won’t get into your thick, right wing skull but regardless, I try:

    1. In the US, being black apparently is a crime. Your society is racist to the core.

    2. Being 17, indeed being 12 and black is a crime. Ask George Stinney Jr. Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice etc. Only for 17 year old thugs like Kyle Rittenhouse is being 17 and white not a crime.

    3. Crossing state lines to pick up a semi-automatic rifle to take to a protest is a crime if you are black. Indeed, the police would have almost certainly shot any protester, regardless of age, who was brandishing an AR-15 at a protest if they were black.

    4. Self-defense not a crime if you are white. If you are black, it most certainly is. The problem is that we have no idea if the black victims were defending themselves after being followed or harassed by white males because they usually end up dead.

    5. Bearing arms is a crime if you are black. It was recently shown that around 50% of the guns in the US are owned by 3% of the population – all white males. Essentially, the NRA and right wing groups want to ensure that America is armed – white America that is.

    I won’t waste any more time on your frankly embarrassing right wing garbage. Rittenhouse is creepy loser who thought that parading through the streets of Kenosha with his phallic AR-15 somehow made him look tough. It didn’t. Certainly, Trump’s America is getting the kind of feeble icon it deserves. Note how right wingnuts like Madison Cawthorn, Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz are swooning over the chance to give Rittenhouse an internship with them. It seems that the only qualification these lunatic politicians require is that the candidate shot some liberals to death at a protest. Don’t expect them to be looking to hire candidates who did humanitarian work or volunteered in other civilian endeavors. For the rotting, festering mass that calls itself the GOP, being a gun-toting shooter is the most important pre-requisite.

    It is no small wonder that outright fascist groups like the Proud Boys are chomping at the bit now to patrol any BLM or Antifa protests. The Rittenhouse verdict has set a precedent: it is perfectly fine to shoot protesters and to then claim self defense. This is your great America RickA. And worst of all, you support this scum.

    1. Yes – I do support self-defense. If someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself. Even if you are white. Even if you are black. Every race and both sexes have the right to self-defense.

    2. Yes – I do support self-defense.

      Except there was no self defense in this case.

      If someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself. Even if you are white. Even if you are black. Every race and both sexes have the right to self-defense.

      How human of you to make that statement. The problem is we know you don’t mean it.

  9. RickA, you are an idiot and a liar. Self-defense only applies to white males. Trayvon Martin had no voice in court because he was already dead. Same with Ahmaud Arbery. Watch the defense team of the father-son murderers of Arbery use the same self defense canard that Zimmerman used and Rittenhouse used. When armed white males harass and intimidate unarmed black males, and the black males fight back, but are shot and killed, invariably the white males get off scot free. There is not a chance in hell that this would happen if the situation was reversed. If Rittenhouse had been a black male, he would have been found guilty. This is the US judicial system at work. As I said yesterday, no matter how young they are, black males are adultified; white males like Rittenhouse are juvenalized.

    I also note how you slyly avoid the other comments I make regarding a loser like Rittenhouse being the new Trumpist icon, and the news that far right politicians like Cawthorn, Gosar and Gaetz want to give him an internship on the basis that killing liberals appears to strengthen his CV. You also deftly ignored the point I raised about how many young African American teenagers end up disappearing down a black hole in the judicial system for minor offences. This would never happen if they were caucasians.

    You refer to Rittenhouse (calling him ‘Kyle’ is your pathetic attempt to humanize him) as if he is some sort of saint whose aim was to help the situation in Kenosha. Anyone with half a brain can see that he thought that strutting along the streets brandishing an AR-15 wearing his baseball cap backwards made him look like Rambo. And the fact that he sucker punches teenage girls suggests he is nothing more than a punk.

  10. This great article by Chauncey de Vega in Salon pretty well demolishes RickA’s arguments:

    Tyler Stovall, author of “White Freedom: The Racial History of an Idea” had this to say about the verdict:

    ‘The recent acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse by an essentially white jury for murdering two unarmed men simply underscores the widespread belief in the fragility of white privilege and the overwhelming need to preserve it. Rittenhouse’s argument that he acted in self-defense proved compelling, even though it was not backed up by any substantial proof, and the jury simply ignored the facts that he chose to enter an area armed with a high-powered rifle and became the only person to kill another human being that night. Rittenhouse’s trial became a textbook case of the need to preserve white freedom, to prevent a tearful young white man from going to jail even though he permanently deprived others not only of their liberty but of their lives. … One only need imagine what would have happened if Kyle Rittenhouse were a young Black man who claimed to have shot others in self-defense. Consider the case of Tamir Rice, shot by Cleveland police in 2014 at the age of 12 for holding a toy rifle. The claim of the police, upheld by the judicial system, was that his murder was justified because he presented a possible threat. If Rittenhouse were Black his victims would doubtlessly be seen as justified in attacking him, in self-defense, because he held a rifle (a real one), and Rittenhouse would most likely have been convicted of murder. But Rittenhouse is white, and self-defense works in his case because it is ultimately a defense of white power, white privilege and white freedom.’

    De Vega went on to say this:

    ‘Consider the fact that Rittenhouse was not shot dead by the police as he walked down the street with an assault rifle, immediately after shooting three people in the street. That is an iconic illustration of white freedom’s power over life and death in America. White vigilantism is perhaps the ultimate expression of white freedom’.

    Now consider what the police would have done to a young black man who had just shot three people, two to death, as he walked away from the scene of the shootings. I think it is obvious what they would have done: instead of letting him go, they would have shot him on the spot. If not, they would have violently detained him. Again, the privilege of being white.

    1. Now consider what the police would have done to a young black man who had just shot three people, two to death, as he walked away from the scene of the shootings. I think it is obvious what they would have done: instead of letting him go, they would have shot him on the spot.

      True: the notion that this had to do with “self defense” as the racists claim versus the race of the shooter is obvious (I think obvious even to the resident racist/killer defender, hence the strength of his spittle covered posts: what can’t be defended with facts has to be screamed at full volume).

    2. Ha Ha – classic projection.

      You two can continue to live in your fantasy world in which white juries never convict white defendants; white juries never acquit black defendants and black defendants never successfully rely on a claim of self-defense.

      You two are the racists.

  11. RickA, bullshit. Total bullshit. You live in a fantasy world, and many people here are aware of it. Watch Ahmaud Arbery’s killers likely go free. Twelve year old Tamir Rice was gunned down for pointing a toy pistol. Your problem, RickA, is that you are so deeply embedded in the white supremacy culture of the GOP and Trump that you are blind to reality.

    I presented plenty of evidence here supporting my points. You? None. I admit that you aren’t the brightest bulb on the tree, as almost everyone here can see in every post that you write. But as Stovall wrote, if Rittenhouse had been black, there is every chance that he would have been shot to death by the police. If not he would have been found guilty of murder. And you damned well know it.

    Now you can go back to your fantasy world. You live in a clearly two-tiered society.

    1. “You two are the racists.”

      If rickA had any data to support his asinine comments it would be one thing — but he doesn’t. Any ass-clown who says the 1/6/2021 Trump inspired attack on democracy as “not good” but believes ANTIFA (which isn’t an organization) and BLM are terrorist organizations that pose a threat is too stupid to take seriously — not that there’s ever been a time to take him seriously. (Especially since he clings to the “self defense” line in the Kenosha case. What an ass.)

    2. Wrong. I live in a world where everybody is treated the same – no matter their race.

      Rittenhouse clearly defended himself from criminal attackers. The jury found it; the evidence showed it and only deluded people who let their racism blind them to reality cannot see it!

      It is actually you who treat people differently based on race. You would acquit clearly guilty people based on race and convict clearly innocent people based on race. It would be better if you could focus on the law as applied to the facts and stopped paying so much attention to race – but I think that is beyond you.

      If you cannot see Rittenhouse was innocent of any crime – no matter his race – well sir – you are blind. I actually pity you and can only hope you can someday get outside your bubble and see what is actually in front of you.

  12. Dean, Jeffh and Lionel:

    You three should take some responsibility for Darrell Brooks and the Waukesha crimes he allegedly committed. Check out his social media statements and compare them to your own.

    Your lies about Rittenhouse to those in your bubble may have a role to play in what happened. The media also bears some responsibility – as they lied also. Your absolute dishonesty in facing up to what happened in Kenosha – and others like you – and the media – gives rise to the potential hate crimes allegedly committed by Darrell Brooks. Hopefully not others – but who knows where the delusion on your side will lead?

    Just think about it and stop being such horrible people.

    1. You three should take some responsibility for Darrell Brooks and the Waukesha crimes he allegedly committed.

      An Alice through the looking glass ‘Red Queen’ response if ever I saw one. You talk of bubbles, that is a laugh given your inhabitation of quite a few yourself. Here some reality, and sanity restored:

      The verdicts of not guilty were read for each charge Rittenhouse faced, including for crimes normally classed as murder in most courts but in Wisconsin were charged as intentional homicide, reckless homicide and attempted intentional homicide.

      A travesty for most sane people of the US.

      He was 17 when he came to Kenosha from his home in Illinois in August 2020, and began patrolling the streets, staying out after curfew, with the apparent approval of some of the police officers on duty at the time, who handed out water to the groups of armed civilian men milling about.

      Looks like Rittenhouse was breaking some rules and given a free pass by biased law enforcement. If he had been other than white skinned we all know what the law response would have been and you cannot wish that away by dodgy rhetoric, even if all three of us were resident in the US.

      He was also charged with the illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor, but the judge dropped that count against him during the trial.

      Judicial bias in evidence, by that I mean plain to see.

      Read the rest of the article for examples of what happens to people of another skin colour, this is the point we are arguing so stop trying to evade this issue.

      Rittenhouse killed two people and injured a third at protests last year after a white officer shot a Black man, Jacob Blake, in the back.

      Just think about it and stop being such horrible people.

      You have gone full ‘Red Queen’ here whilst whining like spoilt brat. Maybe it is you who should think about the ramifications of such a verdict, some which I pointed up earlier.

    2. “It is actually you who treat people differently based on race. You would acquit clearly guilty people based on race and convict clearly innocent people based on race.”

      You continue to double and triple down on stupidity and lies. You’ll never waiver from those since they are all you have.

  13. “You three should take some responsibility for Darrell Brooks and the Waukesha crimes he allegedly committed. ”

    You have really become unhinged. And it’s clear what happened in Kenosha: a white supremacist put out a call for “patriots” to come and patrol streets. This racist little shit went there looking to make his conservative bones, bragged about his first kill, and kept it up. He’s now getting support from right wing racists like you and the trump supporting traitors in government. Nothing there says you caused it — that would be as stupid as you are being — but
    – none of us supports what Brooks did and we’re glad (at least I am) he’s been found, and hope he is punished suitably
    – you’re glad a killer got a away (’cause he’s a white conservative, and they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions)

    So yeah, there’s no change to the opinions about you.

    ” I live in a world where everybody is treated the same – no matter their race.”

    You keep repeating that for some reason despite its message being contradicted every day.

  14. RickA, your problem is that you live in a world of make-believe. Sure, if the system worked as you hope, then it would be fair. But it doesn’t work that way. Trayvon Martin was arguably defending himself against an armed assailent (George Zimmerman) who followed and harassed him on the basis of his race. To Zimmerman, Martin looked ‘suspicious’ because of the color of his skin. Now reverse the situation. An armed, 28-year old African American man follows a 17-year old white teenager who has just bought Skittles from a store and is on his way home. The armed black male confronts the teenager, a struggle ensues and the teenager is shot and killed. Don’t tell me for a second that the ‘stand your ground’ defense would work in this case. Not a chance. You can come up with all of the fantasy scenarios you want but the armed African American would have had the book thrown at him. He would be ‘thugified’ by the media, and the white teenager would, as in the case of Rittenhouse, be ‘infantized’.

    Only two people died the night of the Kenosha protests. Both shot by Rittenhouse. He even offered to surrender and the police merely saluted him and let him pass. Again, reverse the color of Rittenhouse’s skin. You think the police would have let an armed black teenager into the protests? That they would merely smile at him and wave him through when he offered to surrender? If you honestly believe this, then you are totally deluded.

    You may live in a world where people are treated the same, regardless of race, but you are a minority. The judicial system in the US is clearly two-tiered. Anyone with half a brain can see it. Your views are completely blinkered.

  15. Some people get what RickA totally misses.

    When Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murdering two men during anti-racism protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week, the verdict was celebrated by far-right politicians and pundits across the US. Several Republican lawmakers offered Rittenhouse an internship and Fox News host Tucker Carlson called him “a sweet kid”.

    Kathleen Belew, a historian of American white power movements and author of Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America, argues that the fact that Rittenhouse’s trial is being read as a victory by more mainstream components of the right has the potential to serve as a rallying cry for increased militant vigilantism against US racial justice protesters moving forward.

    Belew spoke with the Guardian about how perpetrators of right-wing violent action in the US have been empowered by verdicts like Rittenhouse’s in the past, and how the outcome of the case should be read in the context of growing militant social movements.

    A historian of white power reacts to the Rittenhouse verdict: ‘a bonanza for the far-right’. A chilling thought.


    ‘Donald Trump calls Kyle Rittenhouse ‘really a nice young man’ .

    That both Trump and Carlson to praise the young killer in this way demonstrates how far from the norm RickA is.

  16. rickA’s (and that of the defense and the morons on the jury) definition of defense: show up where police are out monitoring the situation, point a gun at a man, he advances, then backs away, the little “patriot” shoots him and calls a friend to brag. The other people “attacking” him are shot while having hands up and trying to disarm someone who, to them, seems to be an active shooter.

    He won’t do it, but it would be interesting to hear rickA’s demands that the shooter be convicted, if not killed on the spot by police, had he been black.

    I can already hear rickA’s defense of the supremacists in Texas who stalked and killed a guy because he had the gall to be black while in their neighborhood.

  17. Interesting verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbrey case. Apparently jurors in GA have more common sense than jurors in Kenosha WI (not a surprise: during a 10 day trip from Kenosha area to the west side of WI in 2017 there were many “Blue Lives Matter Black Lives Don’t” signs in yards.)

    It was highly amusing seeing the looks on the faces of the white supremacists in GA when the verdicts were read: you could see their wheels going “Wait, we’re white: why are we being held responsible for our actions?”

  18. Republicans really are behaving like Repuglicans.

    The prime culprits behind all this election rigging are the statehouses themselves – mostly anonymous elected officials who few voters know but who wield far more power than most Americans appreciate. And that includes the power to draw the district lines of both federal and state representatives (ie their own districts), as well as establishing most of the other rules of how elections are run, including how presidential electors are divvied up.

    But it all gets worse. Fast-forward to now. Outraged by a decade of rigged elections, citizens in Ohio and other states took action to change the process of how lines are drawn. Some opted for independent districting commissions. In Ohio, more than 70% of the voters amended the Ohio constitution (twice!) to add clear guidelines to curb the type of extreme partisan districting that led to a decade without democracy.

    Republicans are quietly rigging election maps to ensure permanent rule

    This as political violence grow across the US. I warned RickA about the dangers of civil war, it looks like his side wants to bring it on.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood on the House floor and implored her colleagues to hold Paul Gosar accountable for sharing an altered anime video showing him killing her and attacking Joe Biden.

    A core threat to our democracy’: threat of political violence growing across US

    I suppose RickA will be along again trying to defend the indefensible.

    1. Don’t expect rickA to appreciate facts — he never deals with them.
      Trump and his people are currently working with the QOP leaders here in Michigan to “make sure the left doesn’t steal another election”. They are doing their evil best to pass voting restrictions that will hurt the poor, minorities, and elderly here as they have in other states.

      It’s all under the false claim that “election security is more at risk now than it ever has been” and “absentee voting” and “mail in voting” are the primary reasons. The fact that there’s no evidence to support any of that does not matter.

      Yes, there is a current threat to democracy — from people like rickA and the people they support.

  19. Lionel, Dean, the GOP knows that it will never win another election if the voter turnout is high. Whenever >70% of the electorate vote, the Democrats win. The higher the turnout, the bigger the margin. So the Republicans are the ones rigging future elections in order to disenfranchise vast swathes of the electorate who they know will never support them. They are making it harder and harder for minorities and the poor to cast their ballot. The aim is to keep voter turnout as low as possible so that they always win. This is white supremacist fascism. They even tried that in Texas last year, by limiting access to drop-off ballot boxes in Democrat strongholds. For some unfathomable reason, the Republican party is addicted to Trump, and will follow the malignant orange liar to the ends of the Earth. The big lie is still peddled by vast numbers of deluded Republican supporters, despite the fact that it has been categorically repudiated on multiple occasions.

  20. Two excellent commentaries that further demolish the arguments of people who think like RickA:

    It is quite interesting what American courts deem as ‘admissible’ and ‘inadmissible’ evidence at trial. Rittenhouse proudly wearing a ‘Free as f***’ t-shirt while flashing a white supremacy ‘OK’ hand signal while being photographed with the Proud Boys shortly after pleading not guilty was deemed as ‘inadmissible’. Why is this? Why are juries not allowed to see the unvarnished truth? Was Rittenhouse merely being gullible to pose with a far right group or was this deliberate? Does it reflect his own views or was it merely a naive act by an immature teenager?

    We have gone over this before, but the fact remains that only two people died in the Kenosha protest, both after being shot by Rittenhouse. He should not have been there, period. In fact, he had no right to be there, armed with an AR-15. If he had been black, the outcome of this would have been very different. First, he would almost certainly have been arrested (or shot) by the police on the spot. If not shot, then he would have been subdued and forcibly disarmed. To be honest, I do not think this view of mine is remotely controversial.

    I wait to see how this verdict is going to play out across the US in coming months and years. The prognosis is not good.

    1. If he had been black, the outcome of this would have been very different. First, he would almost certainly have been arrested (or shot) by the police on the spot. If not shot, then he would have been subdued and forcibly disarmed.

      If he were black and hadn’t been grabbed the second he appeared with the gun he would have been shot.

      To be honest, I do not think this view of mine is remotely controversial.

      Nope. It’s spot on.

      We’ve known this notion that more guns makes things safer is bogus for a long time, but we still get crap like this and, even worse, stand your ground laws that do nothing but increase killings. Add the right-wing terrorists and white supremacists (is there a difference?) and you’ve got the shit show we have now.

    2. From the article at your first link Jeffh:

      Two weeks before the Kenosha killings, Rittenhouse was captured on video fantasizing about killing African Americans who were leaving a local CVS. Without any evidence, Rittenhouse concludes that they were armed and shoplifting. “It looks like one of them has a weapon,” Rittenhouse asserts in the video. “Bro, I wish I had my F^(<ing AR. l’d start shooting rounds at them.”

      How can anybody in their right mind, sound of thought and unfettered by rotten ideology give Rittenhouse a free pass. I suspect this is not the last we will hear of this murderous little $h!t.

  21. How can anybody in their right mind, sound of thought and unfettered by rotten ideology give Rittenhouse a free pass

    People with those characteristics don’t give him a free pass. We’ve heard from the kind of person that does give him one.

  22. That Trump attempted to negate the result of the election is becoming more certain.

    But as Trump relayed to them the situation with Pence, he pressed his lieutenants about how to stop Biden’s certification from taking place on 6 January, and delay the certification process to get alternate slates of electors for Trump sent to Congress.

    The former president’s remarks came as part of strategy discussions he had from the White House with the lieutenants at the Willard – a team led by Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Boris Epshteyn and Trump strategist Steve Bannon – about delaying the certification.

    Multiple sources, speaking to the Guardian on the condition of anonymity, described Trump’s involvement in the effort to subvert the results of the 2020 election.

    Trump’s remarks reveal a direct line from the White House and the command center at the Willard. The conversations also show Trump’s thoughts appear to be in line with the motivations of the pro-Trump mob that carried out the Capitol attack and halted Biden’s certification, until it was later ratified by Congress.

    Sources tell Guardian Trump pressed lieutenants at Willard hotel in Washington about ways to delay certification of election result

    Will ‘he who should not be named’ attempt to defend such indefensible conduct.

    Be alert USA for increasing attempts to pervert the result of the next POTUS election, there are ominous signs that the politicians favoured by ‘he who should not be named’ are making sly moves to ensure a Repuglican win is a slam dunk.

  23. If there is any doubt left about the sanity of many Republicans then this should remove it.

    A US congressman has posted a Christmas picture of himself and what appears to be his family, smiling and posing with an assortment of guns, just days after four teenagers were killed in a shooting at a high school in Michigan.

    Republican Thomas Massie condemned for Christmas guns photo

    Will those people featured be singing any of the carols featured here?

    Christmas Songs Of Peace

    If so there is a word for their dysfunctional thinking that begins with a ‘h’ and ends with a ‘t’.

    1. “If there is any doubt left about the sanity of many Republicans”

      There shouldn’t be, whether they are in government or on the street. Notice that Jeanine Pirro blamed the Oxford school shooting (here in MI) on “liberal school personnel”?

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