Covid Contaminants Harm Self

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Republican Contaminants are killing Americans at the rate of about one half million per year, because of their pro-Covid stance. But they are killing more of their own.
This is probably not a self correcting phenomenon. Not enough Contaminants are dying of Covid to change election outcomes. But a precinct by precinct study may reveal a small effect.

“John Nolte argued that the partisan gap in vaccination rates was part of a liberal plot. Liberals like Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Fauci and Howard Stern have tried so hard to persuade people to get vaccinated, because they know that Republican voters will do the opposite of whatever they say, Nolte wrote.”

This would be funny if it wasn’t so …. no wait, this is actually just really funny.

Source: New York Times “The Mornting” September 27, 2021, byline: David Leonhardt

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2 thoughts on “Covid Contaminants Harm Self

  1. no wait, this is actually just really funny.

    Funny that someone would say it, distressing that so many of trump’s sycophants believe it — but we now have more evidence than we could possibly need that the true maga-backers are dumber than worm shit. (Yes, I know that dirtbag nolte is vaccinated: trump butt-lickers with a podium are massively hypocritical.)

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