Republicans want to legalize corruption

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Georgia Republicans attack democracy. Texas Republicans want to rewrite democracy in their own interests. Florida … well, Florida is just as dumb as a brick. Republican wise.

Listen to Latosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund:

The Republicans have embraced full on corruption for the purpose of carrying out their racist agenda. They are not even being pro-petroleum or the suck-asses of big corporations anymore. It is all racism, all hate, all red-eyed, red-hat evil.

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4 thoughts on “Republicans want to legalize corruption

  1. It is all racism, all hate, all red-eyed, red-hat evil.

    It’s been their theme since reagan showed them it was effective. Friendly social platforms have allowed them to ramp up the scale of it. (That, and the fact that the nation let a black man and his family use the front door to the White House back in 2008. They’re still pissed off about that.)

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